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Philippines Call Center: From School Life to Call Center Life

There may be times that it came up to your mind the things that you’ve experienced when you were still studying.  Before, when you go to school, your mom would wake you up in the morning, cook your breakfast, arrange your things and give you allowance. And at school, you just had to listen to your teacher, participate in the discussion, do research and assignments, submit reports in a long term basis and have fun with classmates. The results of your performances are being reflected through report cards. But now, when you finished college and started to work in a call center Philippines, it seemed like everything had completely changed.


You need to set up your alarm clock so you could wake up at night where most people usually sleeps. You tend to skip lunch because you’d rather rest and instead, just eat heavy dinner. You would wash your clothes during day-offs or just bring it to the laundry store which would be much easier. For you to have daily allowance, you need to learn how to save from your monthly salary. At the office, you need to come on time or else, it would be deducted from your salary.  Deadlines are “tomorrow” at the latest. There are no formal exams but you’re being tested every day by reaching sales target. There may be no report cards but there are performance reviews. Well, you just have to accept that you’re out of the haven of classroom and now, you’re thrust into the challenging reality of the call center life.


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