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Ways to Reduce Hold Time and Dropped Calls in Call Centers

Dropped Calls
Hold Time
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It is a customer’s worst nightmare to be put on hold. Callers who seek out the assistance of call center agents are in a hurry and want solutions fast, which is why every second matters. “Please hold” are two words that can severely  damage the customer experience. At times, it can also raise tempers up. In worst cases, many of these calls result in hang ups or abandonment.

A customer’s problem determines the amount of patience he has on the phone. It is less likely for a caller to hang up if the issue is believed to be unresolvable without the aid of an inbound call center agent. Dropped calls are usually the result of callers who have found a solution while waiting in queue. A BPO with high dropped call rates does not look good to potential clients. Instead of using the dreaded phrase “please hold”, give the customers other options that they can choose from.

Easy DIY Options

Easy and self-servicing solutions are more convenient than letting customers wait on the phone. Examples are mobile apps, FAQ pages, and even video tutorials. With these easy-to-use applications, customers are able to do things themselves, and at the same time, rid the call center of abandoned call volumes.

Mobile and Desktop Channels

Not all customers are comfortable talking on the phone. Open non-voice channels such as email, social media (Facebook and Twitter), live chat and even text messaging. This can also be a great option for customers to contact again after the call has been ended without the issue first being resolved.

Always Perform Callbacks

It is always appreciated when customer service representatives call back when they’ve promised to do so. Callbacks are not only limited to phone calls, but are also applicable when a follow up is done through email. This method reassures clients that their concerns are not neglected. It shows that the service provider cares and chooses to fix the issue even outside the first transaction.

A Call center that truly cares for its customers will always provide excellent customer service. Pleasant customer experiences leads to a good reputation, and most importantly, repeat business.

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