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Common Tasks to Outsource to Business Process Outsourcing Companies


BPOWhenever you do an online search for the top countries in the world to outsource your business tasks, you will always see the Philippines in the list.

The Philippines is fondly known as the Call Center Capital of the World.

As we continue to take 16 to 18 percent of the total outsourced services globally, we are firmly holding on to our spot as the biggest contact center market in the world.

Why Companies Outsource to the Philippines

Among the top reasons why we are always the number one choice can be enumerated as:

* Massive talent pool of highly-educated Filipinos

* An excellent command of the English language

* High empathy and Customer-centric

* Culture Compatibility

* Flexibility and Adaptability to different work standard, culture, and lifestyle  

* Attractive rates since we charge less for our quality work

Business Process Outsourcing

New business opportunities in the international market continue to sprout, thanks to technology.

As it gets easier to start a business nowadays, companies of all sizes, are getting the support they need to boost their operational efficiency with BPO companies.

A lot of good has come out of outsourcing. Some of the benefits organizations, as well as countries as a whole, are reaping from outsourcing are as follows:

*Increase in bottomline.

*Products and Services are sold at a lower rate

*Gives you more time to devote to core business

*Greater access to world-class knowledge, expertise, and technology

*It creates jobs and helps eliminate unemployment

*it helps the economy

BPO Services commonly outsourced in the Philippines

Two categories are consisting the BPO services namely horizontal and vertical.

It can be defined as:

Horizontal BPO – refers to services that are function-specific across different business types. Examples are Human Resources (HR), IT

Vertical BPO – refers to services that are industry-specific just like Finance, Healthcare.

The most common types of business processes outsourced to the Philippines are:

1) Call Center Services

This is the most popular service which provides both voice and non-voice service for telemarketing, inbound and outbound sales, technical support and customer support.

2) Data Entry Services

This service involves documentation, not limited to filling and processing of forms, data capture and compilation, updating online catalogs and creating database.

3) HR Services

This service covers recruitment functions such as finding and screening job talent; Employee management such as new hire onboarding and training; Payroll services such as compensation and benefits management.

4) Information Technology (IT) Services

Services include help desk support, network and server administration, software development and data center management

5) Financial & Accounting Services

Includes services such as accounting & bookkeeping, account payables and receivables management, tax preparation and reporting, financial analysis, auditing and reporting.

6) Procurement Services

Service revolves mostly on transaction processing support, supplier selection, assessment.

It also includes management of purchasing costs, supplier relationships, and other purchasing requirements.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique provides professional call center services, tech support, and customer support services in the Philippines. Our highly qualified and expertly trained agents can perform a wide variety of back-office processes to support your business.

Some of the services we provide are data entry, data mining, forms processing, e-filing, claims submission, contract processing.

To find out more, reach out to us and get more information about our flexible contracts and attractive rates.

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Why Companies Should Outsource Customer Service

When people speak about your company, what do they say?

Would they say they love your products and the service you provide, or do they just see you as another company?

Hopefully it’s the former… we’ll rephrase this…  it should be the former. Customers pay attention to the care you give, if it’s personable and efficient it makes an impact. This is also true for sub-par customer service, it makes an impact, but not the type you want.

One route thousands of companies in the United States have taken toward customer service excellence is the outsourcing of these operations. Outsourcing customer service yields many benefits, and each company that decides to do so does for their own reason. Most companies are happy with making this decision, with 78% of businesses worldwide feeling positive about their outsourcing partnership.

Why are all these businesses happy with their decision?

They Are Saving Money

This is a given. “Cost-cutting” is the top reason for outsourcing among companies that currently partner with an outsourcing company. But there are many areas that we don’t typically think of when we calculate costs. Costs incurred from renewing subscriptions to cloud services or printing new training materials are no longer a part of the picture. Not only will you save money, but you’ll make money too. According to a study conducted by American Express, 2 out of 3 consumers are willing to pay more for exceptional customer service.

They Are Saving Time

Your employees should wear many hats, but there’s such thing as too many hats. You can free up your employees’ time to perform other, more important tasks, while your outsourcing partner can handle those time-consuming customer service issues. Providing top notch customer service requires constant re-evaluation of practices, and when adjustments are made, the staff will require more training on any new procedures.

They Have Access to Top Talent

Hiring employees that meet your company’s needs and standards takes time, anyone who’s been on Indeed and seen the same job posted every week knows that much. When you outsource your customer service operations, you give yourself access to a wide range of talent.

Their Operations Have Become Efficient

With around-the-clock service, live chat, and services like Automated Call Distribution (ACD), it’s safe to say that outsourcing customer service means that they’ll be more efficient. In the event of power outages or cyber attacks, you can take comfort in knowing your customer’s information is stored safely in a cloud, set up by your outsourcing partner.

They Have Access to Top Industry Tools

Technology is growing ever-more important in today’s business climate, and having access to software and equipment that’s reliable is key to maintaining a successful customer service operation. Not every company wants to spend the money on setting up equipment or paying companies for disruptive on-site installation or take the time to set up live chat on every one of the office computers. Partnering with an outsourcing company means that your company will keep up with the times, and your customers will never have to deal with faulty systems and choppy connections.

Streamlining your customer service operations could revitalize your company, and any organization struggling to keep pace in the current consumer environment could use a second wind. Here at Executive Boutique Call Center, we have the means, talent, and technology to breathe life into your customer service operation.

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Statistics Show You Need Live Chat, But You Also Need To Do It Right!

Live Chat

If Live Chat isn’t part of your customer service support, then you’re missing out on valuable opportunities to improve. Online messenger used to be seen as a “nice add-on,” but today’s B2B buyers and consumers come to expect Live Chat as part of a comprehensive customer service department. Responsiveness is now easier than ever with Executive Boutique’s outsourced Live Chat, available to your clientele 24/7.

Live Chat Statistics

Research tells us Live Chat is too good to pass up:

  • Low-Cost Customer Service: Live Chat customer service is 17-30% cheaper than a phone call, allowing agents to help three or more customers at one time, according to Forrester Research.
  • More Effective Lead Generation: Live Chat increases conversions by 20% or more, with a 300% ROI rate for the average sales team (American Marketing Association). Up to 77% of customers won’t buy from a site that doesn’t offer Live Chat support.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: Live Chat has the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, compared to 61% for email support and 44% for phone support (eDigital Research). Live Chat gives 90% of customers confidence that they can get help from the brands they’ve chosen if necessary (Oracle). In fact, 63% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a site that offers Live Chat.
  • Meeting Customer Expectations: 42% of customers say they prefer Live Chat to email, social media, or forums. They like the ability to multitask and shop while having their questions answered (JD Power & Associates).

These days we’re all so busy. People like that they can have their questions answered, without being put on hold or transferring from queue to queue. Offering Live Chat lets you serve more customers, making the most of your time. The average Chat inquiry is answered in 42 seconds, thus reducing the amount of time a customer has to consider investing time and money elsewhere. With online support, you can offer a personal touch, which is particularly crucial when customers have items in their shopping carts.

Live Chat Represents Top Caliber Customer Service – When Done Right

As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to approach Live Chat. One study found that 21% of Live Chat support requests go ignored. In order to be successful with Live Chat, you need to:

  • Give Live Chat the attention it deserves. Live Chat requires its own specialized training that may differ from phone or email support training. Using pre-written templates, cheat sheets, FAQ’s, and going over patterns in Live Chat inquiries will improve your customer service in this unique department.
  • Prioritize your communications with the busy Live Chat cohort. While you may have 10 hours to respond to an email, you can’t let a chat request go more than a few minutes before users abandon your site. Failing to answer Live Chat inquiries will lose business and customer loyalty. Live Chat needs go beyond 9-5, with support 24/7.
  • Be prepared for traffic spikes. Agents can handle multiple interactions at once, but peak seasons can cause floods in demand. Having enough trained agents prepared to handle increased requests ensures seamless operation.
  • Be proactive. Don’t wait for prospects to contact you. Have automated technology in place to greet website visitors when they first arrive on the site, when they visit key conversion pages, after a set amount of time browsing the site, or once items have been added to the shopping cart.
  • Connect your Live Chat correspondences with your in-house CRM. Ultimately, Live Chat should fit into the bigger picture of lead nurturing, conversions, and loyalty. Get each customer’s contact information and keep record of your interactions to understand the customer life cycle and maximize your relationship. Following up after a Live Chat experience kicks your service level up a notch.  

Should You Outsource Live Chat?

When you outsource Live Chat, you cut right to the chase with the best customer service representatives, industry-leading processes, and state-of-the-art technology. Top reasons to consider outsourcing Live Chat include:

  • You are looking to reduce costs associated with customer service.
  • You don’t have the time or staff to handle FAQ answering.
  • You have internal resources, but your team’s time is better spent doing what they’re already good at.
  • Test the waters to see if Live Chat is right for your business, using a flexible team of trained experts.
  • You know you need Live Chat to succeed, but don’t have the expertise to reach its full potential.
  • You have an in-house team, but their hours and willingness to work holidays/weekends/overnights is limited.

Your dedicated staff from Executive Boutique gets trained to know your business inside and out, acting as an extension of your in-house team. Our agents have the operational skills to service a number of requests any time, day or night for peak efficiency. Outsourcing Live Chat gives this channel the specialized training it deserves, but at a lower cost. You can scale up with additional employees during busy times or scale back down when times are slow. You don’t have to worry about hiring, firing, employee benefits packages, or scheduling hassles. Instead, you can have confidence that your Live Chat team is operating seamlessly in the background at all times. Contact Executive Boutique to learn more about outsourcing your Live Chat to our Cebu City, Philippines call center.

Additional resources:

  1. AMA, How B2B Marketers are Leveraging Live Chat to Increase Sales, https://www.ama.org/Documents/how-b2b-marketers-leveraging-live-chat-increase-sales.pdf
  2. e-Digital Research, Customer Service Benchmark, http://www.edigitalresearch.cowww.edigitalresearch.com/pdf/sample-benchmarks/Customer%20Service%20Benchmark%20March%202014.pdf
  3. Oracle, Cross-Channel Commerce: A Consumer Research Study, http://www.oracle.com/us/products/applications/commerce/atg/cross-channel-commerce-survey-333315.pdf
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Different Types of IT Support Services

IT Support Service

IT Support ServiceWith everything going digital and mobile, the dominance of providing exceptional technical support becomes inevitable.   

Mainly, if you are running an online business, you take advantage of the different technology available in the market to optimize business operations. This comes with the enormous challenge to keep up with the latest technology trends.

But with the different types of IT support being offered, can you identify the one your company needs?

Considering the size of your organization is important. If you are a small company, having an in-house IT support works best. But for medium to large enterprises, you can either have partial in-house IT support or an entire IT department.

While it is indeed, very convenient to have an in-house IT team, it can be costly, especially if your organization is of considerable size. To get the most out of your investment, you can choose to outsource your IT support services.

Different Types of Technical Support Services

The list that follows are the different types of IT support services on offer by BPO companies:

Network Setup and Administration

This task involves connecting existing resources such as computers, printers, and other digital equipment in your workplace. This also includes making sure valuable resources are accessible to everyone in the organization like files, printers and internet connection.

Network Security

This comprises practices and policies that guarantee the safety and integrity of your network and data. With cybercrime on the rise, safeguarding the security of your network is a critical task.

Desktop and End-User Support

This can be likened to a help desk function. The Task can involve troubleshooting of common network operating systems and software, as well as replacing components or hardware as they break or become obsolete.

Desktop and end-user support specialists are the first tiers of assistance when customers face issues or defects with products and programs.

Data Backup and Recovery

This refers to the crucial task of copying and archiving computer data to prevent data loss in the event disaster strikes.

PC Repair Services

PC repair service helps ensure that your system is running in tip-top shape. It involves identifying, troubleshooting and resolving problems and issues in a faulty computer.

Remote PC Support or Helpdesk

Remote PC Support often allows an IT expert, access to your computer, remotely, to figure out what the issue is and fix it. This is usually required when problem faced cannot be solved by troubleshooting or installing programs, and is somewhat more complicated.

Email Services

With email as one of the most convenient modes of communication, there is a heavy emphasis on providing effective customer support via email. Choosing to outsource your email support, allows you more time to focus on core business.

Live Chat Support

This is one of the most popular types of technical support. Especially for online retailers, providing live chat support guarantees an increase in sales and higher customer satisfaction. Since live chat support runs round the clock, outsourcing this task helps reduce operational costs.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique is your technical support call center partner in the Philippines.

Some of the services we provide include site navigation training, software, and app support call center, software installation, software training, and help desk call center service.

Our dedicated team of specialists guarantees to deliver exceptional customer service and are equipped to handle your hardware, software and mobile application support.   

Interested to know more, call us today and get your free quote!

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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing BPO to the Philippines

Business Process OutsourcingCompanies and enterprises of all sizes are benefiting from Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines. The Southeast nation of 100 million stays ahead of the increasingly heavy global competition by ensuring its call center agents receive in-depth training in relevant areas like advanced data analytics, software technology and machine learning.

According to a Reuters report, the demand for BPO services from Australia, Europe and New Zealand is steadily growing, but the United States remains one of the biggest customers for Philippines’ top outsourcing providers. BPO outsourcing companies in the Philippines are continuously innovating to improve efficiencies in their services.

Whether it’s contract processing, claims submissions or back-office tasks that need to be streamlined, these are some of the biggest advantages of outsourcing BPO to the Philippines.

#1. Talented Workforce

Once an American colony, the Philippines’ official language for all business endeavors is English, which Filipinos speak fluently with no noticeable accent. The country’s top-ranked universities churn out thousands of highly skilled graduates every year, and since the population’s median age is 23, the BPO industry’s workforce grew up with IT and entered the marketplace equipped with the knowledge and skill set to succeed.  Some universities even provide BPO training courses to better prepare Filipino students for a fruitful career in the industry.

#2. Cost Advantage

Cost competitiveness is one of the key reasons small and mid-sized companies outsource their non-core operations. The cost of labor in the Philippines is substantially less than in the U.S. or Europe, and the customer does not have to invest capital in computers, office space, software or related human resources. This equals tremendous savings of up to 60 percent when compared to in-house operations. Cost competitiveness, combined with nation’s educated workforce, may explain why the Philippines surpassed India a few years ago with the largest number of voice-based BPO services.

#3. Operate Your Business Around-the-Clock

Another major benefit of BPO outsourcing to the Philippines is the round-the-clock workforce that is now available. The time zone difference means your company is hard at work providing excellent customer service 24/7, while you’re fast asleep.

#4. Greater Flexibility

The BPO industry is flourishing in the Philippines, with employees boasting a diversified skillset, from IT and accounting to finance and logistics. Outsourcing providers offer short and long-term contracts, allowing businesses to efficiently scale up or scale down per market demands. This quick and cost-effective access to top-tier talent enhances business flexibility, allowing companies to free up internal resources and relieve in-house personnel of tasks outside their realm of expertise.

#5. Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

The Philippines boasts the latest technology when it comes to internet connectivity, telecommunications, data security and IT infrastructure. Worried about outsourcing tasks involving sensitive data? The 2012 Data Privacy Act brought the Philippines’ BPO sector to international security standards. There are strict regulations that keep sensitive healthcare information private and secure.

Additional Resources:

  1. Small Business Trends, 20 Advantages and Disadvantages of Outsourcing from Your Small Business https://smallbiztrends.com/2017/02/advantages-and-disadvantages-of-outsourcing.html
  2. Reuters, Rise of the machines: Philippine outsourcing industry braces for AI https://www.reuters.com/article/us-philippines-economy-outsourcing/rise-of-the-machines-philippine-outsourcing-industry-braces-for-ai-idUSKBN1D90BH
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Why You Should Choose Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

In the past 4 years, the Philippines has surpassed India as leader in call center operations, with countless organizations outsourcing a variety of business operations and processes to the region. In fact, in 2016, 16 of the top 20 offshore call center projects were stationed in the Philippines. Since then, more companies have followed in tow, making the region even more of a hub for call center operations.

Why are so many companies choosing the Philippines as their business outsourcing partner?

The Philippines offers a whole list of benefits for companies looking to begin BPO, which we will now discuss in this article.

Lower Operational Costs

59% of companies cite cost cutting measures as the reason for outsourcing their customer service and/or other business operations. Companies can save money in almost all areas of their business including

  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Contracts Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Lead Generation and more!

The Philippine government also has many incentives for companies in the Philippines to provide BPO to foreign businesses, since the incoming revenue helps the country immensely. There are also little to no unionization efforts, meaning that the costs of running operations from the Philippines will stay cost efficient.

Young Workforce

The growth of BPO in the Philippines has led to an improved quality of life for many people in the country. Call centers now attract legions of new college graduates seeking a stable job with good pay, and working in one of these offices provides better wages than that is provided in the country’s other industries. A youthful, newly educated workforce in touch with current social norms and dialect will do wonders for an organization having trouble connecting with their customer base.

English Literate Population

A survey by eConsultancy found that 61% of respondents said they would choose phone support as opposed to other available avenues (live chat, e-mail). This is why a workforce that’s comfortable speaking English to customers is key to a successful outsourcing model. The Philippines has an impressive 95% literacy rate, and many people in the country speak a form of English that is closer to that spoken in the U.S.

Excellent Customer Service

The Services sector represents about 60% of the country’s economy, so it’s no surprise that the Filipino people are known for their world-class customer service. Where many outsourcing operations may result in customers being frustrated with the agents they interact with, you’ll find that interactions are generally cordial and pleasant when contacting a call center in the Philippines.

Is your business trying to cut costs and streamline operations more efficiently? Executive Boutique Call Center can help your company reach its goals. Contact us today for more information on pricing, availability, and to hear examples of our agents in action.

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7 Things You Should Know About Cebu City

In order to understand the success that many companies in the Philippines are experiencing, you should first get an idea of the city’s they operate out of. Cebu City, a major city in the Philippines, is one of the country’s fastest growing metropolitan areas. It is also home to many companies that operate on a global scale.

Here are 7 things you may not know about Cebu City and the people that live there.

It’s a Historic City

Cebu City has roots that reach back centuries, and the region around the city has strong Chinese and Indian influences. Cebu is the oldest city in the Philippines, in 1565 it was claimed for King Phillip II of Spain by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. But in all reality, Cebu City had already been a kingdom for 300 years, only then it was known as the Rajahnate of Cebu. It is also officially known as The First Capital of the Philippines.

Urbanization at Work

Since Cebu City has been a major hub for trade since the 13th Century, it’s one of the Philippines most urbanized cities. Cebu City has the fifth biggest population, which gets around with the help of hundreds of buses, taxis, and colorful multi-passenger jeeps.

The BPO Industry is Huge

Cebu City may have shipping roots, but business processing outsourcing, or BPO, is shaping the city’s future. The connections made with businesses overseas has inspired the creation of many BPO companies in the region. That, combined with a large, educated population, has gained companies in Cebu City international recognition.

The City Has a Modern, Middle Class

Like most historic trade hubs, Cebu City is very modern and its citizens enjoy a great standard of living. It can be crowded at times, but the amount of jobs available gives residents a chance to work and live fairly comfortable compared to many places in South Asia.

A City with Shipping Roots

Since Cebu City is a coastal city, it has maintained a reputation as a hub for trade and shipping throughout its history. In fact, most of the imported goods that come into the Philippines by sea do so through Cebu City.

Tourism is Big Business

Tourists come to Cebu City for its rich history, exciting nightlife, and breathtaking views. You can get the best views of the city from Tops Lookout, there you’ll be able to witness the mix of skyscrapers, Spanish architecture, and the ocean that makes up the area.

An Educated Island

Cebu City is what many around the world would call a “college town,” with 11 major universities located in the city, many with regional branches. The population of highly educated young adults helps keep the many emerging industries within the city thrive. Many of these graduates go on to work for BPO companies since they are always looking for new talent.

Cebu City is a thriving, economic powerhouse in South Asia that will be making more noise in the future. As more connections are made with businesses around the world, the city looks to continue expanding its role on the global stage.

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Call Center vs. Contact Center– What’s the Difference?

Contact Center

Contact CenterWhen you hear the words call center and contact center, what comes to mind?

You would probably think it’s the same – but it is not.

When you hear or think of these words, you would most likely conjure up images of people wearing headsets sitting in front of a computer, wearing animated or penchant facial expressions, either answering or making calls.  

These terms get thrown around a lot that we think they are interchangeable. It is true that

they are related, and they share similarities, but each one cannot be more different than the


The difference between the two lies mainly in the methods of communication involved as well as the overall customer experience.  To better understand these two terms let’s start by defining each one.

What is a Call Center?

A call center is a centralized office or a facility, that is equipped to handle large amounts of customer requests communicated through the telephone, usually for an organization. Communication and interaction with the customer are primarily done by phone.

They are further classified into two types, namely, an inbound call center and an outbound call center.

An inbound call center receives incoming calls, usually from customers needing additional information or general queries, product support or feedback.

Outbound call centers, on the other hand, are operated more for the sole purpose of telemarketing,  market research, getting a solicitation for a charitable or political donation. In general, callouts are done in outbound call centers.

The earliest form of call centers can be traced back to the 1960s with the usage of a PABX system. Soon after, when call center operations were set up to provide customer support for airlines and financial institutions, the technology used at call centers evolved.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system and IVR or Interactive Voice Response were introduced. ACD enable call routing to agents who are available and with a specific skill set while the IVR allows computers to interact with customers through voice or by input on the phone keypad.

What is a Contact Center?

A contact center is very similar to a call center – inbound and outbound calls are also being handled. However, requests or customer interaction is not only through the telephone, but also through different digital communication channels such as email, chat support, SMS, etc.

In addition to ACD and IVR technology, they also make use of cloud services and VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. This platform allows customers to reach out using their communication channel of choice.

It is essentially a one-stop shop of customer care necessities. It has a call center, messaging center (for SMS), e-mail department, live chat department –  all under one roof.

A contact center, is also, frequently used by organizations as the home base of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It is where most of the customer interaction takes place which allows capturing, storing, tracking, and gathering of customer data is made possible.    


Both a call center or a contact center provides the essential functions of customer service or act as  extension support of your company. Your customer may not be able to distinguish the difference between the two and may mix up the usage of both terms but what’s important is that your company is able to deliver on your customer’s expectations to guarantee satisfaction and maintain loyalty.

Executive Boutique provides customer support, business process outsourcing, and technical support services from our state-of-the-art facility in Cebu City, Philippines. Our servicing platform supports most communication channels such as voice, email, and live chat.

Why choose to be tied down to a long-term service commitment when we can work with you on a project basis? We also allow you the flexibility of modifying our services rendered to adapt to your business need.

Interested to know more? Contact us today!

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Tech Support for Mobile Apps: A Necessity for your Growing Business

Mobile App Support

Mobile App SupportWith the advent of smartphones, the world has evolved tremendously — especially in the way we communicate.

No longer are phones solely used for calling, it is now also being used for reading, writing or editing, shopping, making travel arrangements, making payments, so on and so forth.

We see hundreds of mobile apps created daily; Apps that are engineered to make life even easier and convenient.

As more apps are invented, the more tech customer support is appreciated. A new generation of consumers who are used to the lifestyle of instant gratification now expects tech support to be efficient and readily available at their convenience.

Businesses are also becoming increasingly aware of the significance of providing technical support for their online business platforms. They comprehend that staying relevant and successful is parallel to being consistent in delivering excellent customer experience.

However, providing technical support is expensive. Maintaining one in-house is no exception. Outsourcing your tech support is your clever move.

Outsourcing your Tech Support for Mobile Apps

App and mobile support is no doubt within the top five spots in the long list of tech support, an organization must provide. With most of our interactions done through our mobile phones, it has become an essential part of our lives, that we just can’t imagine life without it!

If you are a startup or if your company is now going digital, the fastest way for you to provide comprehensive round-the-clock support, without spending too much, would be to outsource. Outsourcing allows you instant access to a wide pool of talent at an affordable cost and frees your time, so can focus on your core business.

What You Get with Outsourced Mobile Support

Here is a list of benefits you reap when you outsource your mobile and app support:

Instant technical expertise

With a greater talent pool, you do not need half as much time in recruiting and training, because you already have experts in your midst.

Instant Workforce

You no longer have to concern yourself with recruitment, training, and payroll because with outsourcing comes workforce who are already trained and ready to provide support.

Saves Cost

Outsourcing lets you agree on a level of service to be provided. So you know exactly what you are signing up for and how much you will be spending for it.   


Whenever you need additional workforce because an employee is away on vacation or calls in sick,  outsourcing will take care of that for you. They can increase or decrease the workforce needed to support your operations.

Increase in Productivity

With adequate manpower supporting your operations, your calls are answered on time, and no call is abandoned, shorter or no hold time, and first call resolution is achieved.

Your Leading Tech Support Partner in the Philippines

Executive Boutique is your outsourced tech support call center in the Philippines providing customer service and business processing support. We are your remote IT support company providing your mobile and app support services, 24/7.

Our app tech support provides servicing through different communication channels such as phone, email, social media, ticketing systems, and real-time chat.  We make use of a priority queueing system to keep track of reported issues, and our dedicated agents provide solutions on time to ensure customer satisfaction.

We also provide in-app support and help you kickstart your app program by monitoring usage and detect issues or bugs that your customers are experiencing. We will even be there to walk your end-users through without them ever having to exit your program.

What’s Next?

Here at Executive Boutique, we understand your software and app support needs. We guarantee you a dedicated and responsive team, who are experts at what they do, to provide you the assistance you need round-the-clock.

If you want to learn more about our tech support services and to take advantage of our affordable rates, contact us today for a free quote!

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3 Ways to Motivate Your Customer Service Team

Anyone who has worked in the customer service field knows just how stressful it can be, as well as how easy it can be to experience burnout. Customer service staff are the face and voice of your company, so it is important to be understanding and motivating in your support of them. Here are some tips for getting your team back to their best:


Maintaining an open line of communication between service staff and management is one of the most helpful things you can do. Even though it is easy to see customer service as a low-skill position, quite the opposite is true and the impact of your representatives’ work on your company is undeniable.

The more comfortable your representatives feel about communicating with management, the greater insight management will have into making positive decisions for the staff overall. Having good relationships between management and your service team helps maintain morale, motivation, and support.

Encourage Positive Work

Every moment that you spend communicating one-on-one with one of your representatives is valuable. Management can often make the mistake of thinking of their representatives as disposable, rather than take the time to help them develop and improve in their work.

Take the time to provide encouragement to your staff. Let them know when they’ve done a good job, and give them plenty of constructive feedback when there is room for improvement. Connect with them, maintain that line of communication, and watch your representatives blossom.

Provide Your Staff with Proper Resources & Equipment

It’s easy to lower staff morale by accidental negligence. Since customer service can be seen as work that requires few skills, workers often lack the equipment and resources to do their job correctly. Poorly-performing equipment (phones, computers, workspaces) can lead to delays and lower service quality, potentially decreasing customer satisfaction. Ensuring that your staff has the proper resources to do their job can motivate them to do their best work, which benefits everyone involved.

Providing thorough, proper training is another great way to ensure that your representatives are prepared to provide exceptional service. These trainings can help your staff develop skills, but can also be used to boost team morale.


You don’t have to wait for your employees to burn out to get them back on their feet. When in doubt, provide clear communication and support.

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