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Lifestyle Change for Philippine Call Center Agents

Lifestyle change
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According to a study conducted by Nielsen Philippines, the cumulative compensation amount of BPO employees is about P250B annually. Call Center agents are well paid than most Filipino employees that are from of a different industry. As a matter of fact, call center professionals have become an addition as members of the growing middle class communities in the country. Aside from that, the spending habits of those working at call centers are also different than of the non-BPO industry employee – it is very different and very high.

The reason why call center employees spend so much is that they earn more than the average Filipino employee. They change their lifestyle to go with the demands of what they do which results to changing their consumption and purchasing habits. An example would be that of a Philippine call center‘s dress code. Instead of wearing casual clothes or company provided uniform, most employees have to purchase the latest trends to look good while working. Why? Because it boosts self esteem and confidence which is very important when talking to clients; and because everyone in the area dresses so nicely and even tries to imitate America’s seasonal outfits.

Another lifestyle changing factor is the way these individuals consume. Since outsourcing companies are strategically located in or near commercial and retail districts, call center agents have the tendency to patronize the nearest and even expensive establishments to get their coffee, breakfast or alcohol fix. Although call center employees are paid well for their hard work, most of them only consume processed and pre-packed meals during their breaks such as canned goods, fast food , biscuits and chips. According to a recent survey, call center agents consumed these staples because it is the easiest to prepare and it is cheap and since they have other more important things to pay for.

What kind of things you might ask? Designer coffee, weekly out of town trips, after shift drinking sessions, pending loan bills, neglected credit card fees and the latest in gadgets and technology. Mostly things that they could not afford but have always wanted when they were not working in a call center yet.

Call center professionals were also asked if they could actually afford these little luxuries or do they only buy them for fulfillment and to keep up with trends and peers? Sadly, most of them said the latter.

Compared to the rest of the working population, those in call centers generally spend more. The only advantage is their contribution to the economy, but what about the concept of prioritizing? Is it not as important as it used to be anymore?

How has working in a BPO changed your lifestyle? Let us know by dropping in a comment!

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