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Outsourcing Telemarketing: The Right Choice

Outsourcing Telemarketing The Right Choice
Outsourcing Telemarketing The Right Choice

Telemarketing can be a handy tool for businesses.

Not only is it a tried and tested method for lead generation, but you can straight-up increase your sales through telemarketing.

Of course, there are other benefits you can enjoy when you have telemarketing as one of your business’ marketing arsenal.

Telemarketing Defined

Telemarketing is essentially the process of generating leads, gathering marketing information or making and closing a sale through the phone, fax, internet, as well as via video conferencing.

It can also include contacting people to raise money for charity and carry out surveys. 

Benefits of Telemarketing

While telemarketing has become a popular tool in growing businesses, it also has its fair share of controversies due to its misuse. But negative publicity aside, this strategy continues to be widely used, and when carried out correctly, the advantages drowns out all negative feedback.

1) Gives Immediate Feedback

Being able to immediately measure your customer’s level of interest in your product or services is perhaps the number one benefit of telemarketing. Receiving direct and immediate feedback allows you to realign marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and develop new products and services.

2) Involves Human Interaction

Not only is the telephone an affordable and a statistically accountable communication tool, but it is also a very intimate and personal one, with two people talking to each other.

3) Has Wider Reach

Telemarketing allows you to reach a wider audience. It reaches not only your intended audience but also those who are on the other parts of the globe, as well as your not to internet savvy consumers. 

4) Provides Measurable Results

One of the best things about telemarketing is that the results can be analyzed and measured. It gives you insight into how successful (or not) your campaign has been and which strategy actually works.

Outsourcing Telemarketing

Deciding to outsource your company’s telemarketing efforts will multiply your benefits even more. 

The list that follows are just some of the advantages of outsourcing telemarketing.

  • Frees up your time 

By delegating your telemarketing campaigns to a professional third-party vendor, you can focus all your attention and energy to core business functions.

  • Increase in Productivity

With more time on your hands to zero in on core business matters, the rest of your team will also be able to focus on their assigned tasks, increasing their productivity.

  • Worry-Free Budgeting

With outsourcing, you can forget about worrying that you will go above your budget because you pay a fixed amount as agreed with your outsourcing partner.

  • Brings Huge Savings 

Outsourcing eliminates the need to invest in equipment and infrastructure because your outsourcing partner already has the cutting-edge technology in place to support your telemarketing needs.

It also saves you office space since you won’t need to house a team of telemarketers.

Perhaps the most significant savings will come from not having to spend on recruitment and training, as well as paying employee benefits. You will be tapping into the manpower coupled with the industry experience of your outsourcing partner.

What’s Next?

Executive Boutique offers a full range of telemarketing services, both inbound and outbound, from customer service, technical support, sales lead generation, and market research.

We offer high quality, professional services at affordable rates with flexible month-to-month options.

So contact us today for your free non-obligatory quote. 

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5 Underrated Customer Service Tips

If there’s one job that’s harder than it looks, it’s customer service. Anything that involves dealing with other people who may or may not have high emotions is hard, but being a good customer service worker? It’s tough – but rewarding to help others needing your product or service. So, whether you’re an HR rep, or a salesperson, here are our five underrated customer service tips:

  1. Always practice empathy. It’s something we take for granted because it comes naturally in certain situations, but it can be very hard to do when you’re faced with a rude customer. Be empathetic to what the customer or client is telling you – or possibly screaming at you – because there is most likely a way you can help them without it getting too nasty. Sometimes you can’t, but that isn’t your fault. Just remember to always give them the benefit of the doubt, and do your best to put yourself in their shoes. Empathy gets you a long way.
  1. You’re human, too, so show them! Identifying with the customer is one of the greatest ways to build their trust in you and your company. Express your similarities; if they like cats, mention your pet, or if they like a specific movie or movie genre, mention one you like, too. Too many customer service situations are approached with an automated system, and the splash of humanity gives them that breath of fresh air they so crave.
  1. Be honest. It’s easy to try and talk your way out of answering something you don’t know, but nine times out of ten, the customers can tell when you’re doing it, and then begin to distrust you. If you don’t know the answer to something, own up to it. “I don’t know” is an acceptable thing to say in these situations.
  1. Be accessible. It’s not something that everyone likes to do, but it gives you an added bonus when talking to a customer when you give them your contact information. That’s e-mail, phone, and some people even give them their personal number! (If that’s something you would like to do, just make sure you set up boundaries as to when they can and cannot call. They’ll understand.) Making yourself available at the customer’s disposal is another great trust-building habit you should cling to.
  1. Use positive language. The trick is to avoid negatives — can’t, won’t, isn’t, etc — when dealing with a customer. It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can! So, for example of negative: “I can’t get your shipment to you until Friday,” versus an example of positive: “I can have your shipment to you as soon as Friday!” The mood shift is what sells it.

In customer service, there are so many different tips and guidelines on how to do the job and do it well — add your favorite tips in the comments!

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Types of Call Centers

Types of Call Centers

The call center industry is experiencing unprecedented growth and continues to evolve over the years.

It comes as no surprise considering 44% of people surveyed in the US alone still prefer the phone as their primary customer service channel.

Its current overall marketplace value revenue is at USD 200 billion. And it is expected to reach USD401.1 billion by 2022. 

Call Center and the Different Types

A call center, by description, is a centralized office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of inquiries by phone. Its four different types are:

Inbound Call Center

Incoming calls are received in an inbound call center. Customer service calls are a classic example. A consumer rings a toll-free number, and they speak to an agent who will take care of their queries or issues.

Outbound Call Center

The exact opposite happens in an outbound call center. In this setting, calls are made to consumers. Telemarketing and sales are usually associated with outbound call centers, although this is not always the case. 

With customer servicing moving to a more intuitive and engaging experience, most companies now make it a point to reach out to the consumers proactively. A good example is follow-up calls after resolving a complaint, or in a case of a travel booking platform, a warm “welcome home” call.

Domestic Call Center

Call centers in its earliest forms were most probably local. With calls coming in from consumers in the same region or country. In the US, it could mean requests received in a center located in Dallas, TX, from the other 50 states. Or if in Europe, it could be a call center in London, receiving calls from the rest of the EU regions.  

International Call Center

International call centers handle clients that are international or global. Airline companies are an excellent example, especially since they need to run round-the-clock operations. A Singapore-based call center could very well be receiving calls from passengers or consumers living in other parts of the globe.

Call Centers Classified

After breaking down call centers into different types, they can be further classified according to their kind, and size and scope of operations.

The two types of call centers are:

In-house call centers

These call centers are run and operated within and by the company. It is created to service existing customers and at the same time to acquire new customers.

This would be the ideal call center setting as it brings more ease and convenience. It also builds instant and better relationships because it is within close physical proximity. Issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.

Outsourced call centers  

Since running in-house call centers quickly burn through company resources, outsourced call centers came about. They provide the best value for money since it saves companies from spending on training and paying employee benefits as well as office space and equipment.

Outsourced call centers provide the same level of professional service at a lower cost.

Virtual Vs. Actual Call Centers

Call centers may also be further classified according to the size and scope of operations.

There’s your formal office setting kind of call center and the virtual call center.   

The formal setting call center comes in different sizes. Small ones, can consist of about 5 to 10 agents and, medium-sized ones with approximately 30 to 50. Call center companies with more than 50 agents belong to the large category.

Depending on the size, call centers can cater to several clients, work on various processes at a time, and handle both domestic and international calls.

Virtual call centers, on the other hand, can be literally anywhere. It is typically a single person setting, working from home, receiving, or making calls. 

Calls that are coming in are usually service-related. And call outs are mostly for telemarketing, with the intent of selling products and services.


All in all, though technology innovation may introduce new ways to communicate, call centers will continue to evolve and adapt. 

One thing remains unchanged, and that is people’s genuine desire to connect with another human being. This will sustain and guarantee the existence and growth of call centers well into the future.

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The Importance of a Call Center in a Company’s Operation

The Importance of a Call Center in a Company’s Operation

Call centers have been around for quite some time. We help establish and foster relationships between the consumers and the company.

In today’s business landscape, most companies have call centers providing round-the-clock customer service support and technical support. Call centers assure customers that assistance is always available, no matter where they are, whenever they need it.

Communication via Phone

Even though there are various mediums – SMS, chat service, web self-service, and social media, available to contact companies, customers still prefer to communicate through the telephone. A study conducted by the firm Forrester shows that 73 percent of consumers call into the call center. Arizona State University further reported that when customers are angry, they are even 11 times more likely to complain by phone rather than via any other communication platform.

The Value of Call Centers

Call centers enable companies to build up their image and reputation, resolve customer issues, and establish a strong customer base.

Call centers are essential to a company’s operations because of the following reasons:

It is Expected

When you ask people what items or belongings they never leave home without, everyone would say their mobile phone, among others. Everyone is within easy reach. So it is also expected of companies to be reachable and available. It doesn’t have to be the massive, state-of-the-art call centers, in case of small companies, a single point contact person will do.

Shows that you Care

Having a call center shows that you care for your customers – that you are open, willing to listen, and value their opinion or feedback. Modern consumers expect to be able to call in or reach out when a problem arises or when they need assistance.  

Shows that you are Capable

Providing open lines of communication by having a call center shows that you are capable and that you understand the fundamental components of running a company.

Shows that you are Experts

Not only are you capable, but you are also showcasing your expertise. You are not afraid to provide assistance and answer your customer queries and concerns because you are confident, and you know your product inside and out.

Shows that you are Available

We are living in an age where everything is convenient and instant. When a consumer buys a product or a service, it comes with the expectation that they can reach out to you anytime and in an instant. 

Helps Streamline Operations

With a call center, you eliminate confusion, making it easier for your consumers to know exactly how to get in touch with you.

Builds Your Reputation

Just by opening a line of communication with your consumers through your call center, that in itself  earns your company some brownie points. By further providing exceptional customer service with every call interaction, slowly builds your reputation and cements your status as a reliable and responsible company    

Shows that you are Real  

Perhaps the most significant of them all is the fact that a call center provides the human factor.  

Yes, advancements in technology are making it easier for people to be heard or to connect, but to interact with a live, real person is just not the same.

While technology is doing a great job of keeping people occupied and entertained, nothing will ever fill the void that a human touch brings.


All in all, as pointed out by several studies that consumers still prefer calling in, the role of call centers in supporting company operations is not diminished. And more often than we care to admit, human interaction is still more meaningful and fulfilling.

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The Definition of Outbound Call Center Services?

Outbound call center services

If you’re like most business owners, then you’re craving more leads and sales.

Despite how strong your desire is to generate more sales, however, the fact remains that your time as an entrepreneur is limited and you can only do so much.

In short, you need help.

If you’re dead serious about growing your business but you don’t have the time and manpower to make it happen, then you need to consider working with outbound call centers.

Outbound call center Services, in General

From a 30,000 ft. perspective, an outbound call center is a company that can help you with telemarketing, surveys, and appointment setting — basically, anything where the call center agents will initiate the calls.

Call center companies often offer two types of services: Inbound call center services and outbound call center services.

Specific outbound call center services

Here are some of the most sought-out outbound call center services that you can consider.

Appointment Setting. If your business is expanding and you need quality sales, then this service is what you need. The primary purpose of appointment setters is to convert your prospective customers into interested buyers.

As the appointment setter “warms up” your prospective customers into interested buyers, it becomes easier for your sales team to close the sales.

Post Sales Follow-ups. You can get more mileage out of your customers if you continue to nurture your relationships with them, even after they made a purchase. That’s why post-sales follow-ups are crucial.

By having a team of call center agents call your customers to do post-sales follow-ups, you can show your customers how you are truly interested in their welfare, since you’re still checking on them even though they’ve already made a purchase.

Depending on how the post-sales follow-up call turns out, the agent can upsell certain related products to what they purchases, helping you generate more sales.

Lead Generation. Lead generation is one of the first steps of the selling process. The call center agents can do outbound calls to identify or cultivate potential customers.

There is a myriad of ways a company can benefit from lead generation. However, for the most part, lead generation can help sales agents close more sales, link prospective customers to the right products, and it helps increase your sales agents’ productivity — since they won’t have to qualify prospects.

Customer Surveys. With the help of customer surveys, you can garner end-user feedback about the product or services that you’re offering.

You can use the pertinent data you obtained through the surveys to improve your product and look for gaps in your services. With these insights, you can improve your business and generate more sales.

What’s Next?

Are you looking for a reliable BPO company who offers outbound call center services?

If you answered with a “yes,” then feel free to call us at 1-888-700-9555.

Our associates here at Executive Boutique Call Center are more than happy to discuss with you how we can help you grow your business to greater heights.

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Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines?

Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines
Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines

The call center industry in the Philippines is the fastest growing sector in the country. 

It has significantly contributed to the country’s growth due to the highly-skilled outbound call center agents that drive their clients to success. 

What Is An Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call centers are companies that has call center agents who do outbound calls.

The agents’ primary goals are to generate revenue and establish a list of customers who are interested in purchasing the products and services of their clients.

Outbound call center agents also help with lead generation, surveys, etc.

Outbound call centers use distinct metrics that measure the effectiveness of their agents in landing potential customers.

Their success is evaluated by assessing costs per call, the revenue they generate, and the number of tasks they complete per project.

They also abide by the National Do Not Call Registry mandate instituted in the United States.

Call Center Industry in the Philippines

The call center industry in the Philippines has evolved over the years. In the beginning, the providers offered e-mail response and managing services.

The industry then broadened and started working on customer relations involving travel, technical support, customer care, education, and financial services.

Eventually, some companies offered online business-to-customer and business-to-business support.

Outbound call centers are considered one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines is an ideal location for outbound call center businesses because of its less expensive operational and labor costs.

There is also an abundance of college-education graduates who seek employment after completing their respective degrees. In fact, most call centers have a young workforce.

Filipinos are also fluent at speaking the English language. They possess excellent communication skills necessary to convince potential customers to purchase clients’ offers.

Due to these characteristics, the country enjoys steady foreign investments.

The Philippine call center industry even attracts more clients from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Call center companies usually deal with field customer complaints, read legal briefs, code data, format documents, and attend to medical scans.

These tasks require exceptional skills in explaining processes and informing clients with a steady and clear comprehension of the English language.

This is why the Philippines has been considered as the call center capital of the world. Its college graduates complete several English courses making them experts in this field.

In fact, the Philippine call center industry has even overtaken India as the primary hub for these types of services.

Industry Perks in the Philippines

The Philippines also has numerous modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. These are what you need to deliver high-quality call center services that will satisfy your clients.

Filipinos consistently produce optimal results and can easily satisfy their clients’ needs due to these technological advancements.

Despite being one of the most underdeveloped countries in Asia, the Philippine economy flourished due to the number of successful call center agencies that contribute to its growth.

The industry itself gave birth to skyscrapers, business districts, and high-rise buildings used as call center headquarters for several call center companies.

Two of the most successful companies in the country are Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. located in Taguig and EZY Service Centre Corporation in Pasig City.

Why Outsource in the Philippines?

You will find countless call center agents that are proficient in the English language, talented, competent, and with a strong level of professionalism.

Also, here at Executive Boutique Call Center, we have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure that your business is protected against downtimes.

If you’re looking to work with an outbound call center company in the Philippines, call us now at 1-888-700-9555.

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6 Tried And Tested Ways Call Center Companies Can Help You Generate Leads

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process that identifies and cultivates potential customers of a business’s products and services.

Since leads help you increase your sales, it is a business’s top priority. Luckily, call center agents can help you establish campaigns that get you fast, reliable, and desired results.

1. Establish Viable Lists

Call center agents establish business-to-consumer marketing techniques needed to generate lists of potential customers.

They assess social media accounts and pinpoint those who seem interested in your business’s products and/or services.

You can feel assured that every person on that list is interested in your product. Call center agents do not waste their time and energy in engaging those that do not contribute to your growth.

2. Outsource Cold Calls

Customers get annoyed with people who call them about products they are not interested in. Call center agents know how to engage these potential customers and are experts on how to get them interested.

They are equipped with the necessary skills to land cold calls. They have been trained to accomplish sales goals by being good at what they say.

Some call center agents even execute up to 100 targeted dials per hour and can pitch up to 15 sales goals.

These account to four times better than an average person can achieve. They make you land more sales in an efficient and effective way.

They follow a well-written and developed scripts that make your products and services more appealing to potential customers.

3. Brainstorm Feedback From Sales Team

Apart from actively seeking out your potential customers, call center agents also funnel your sales teams.

They create a two-way pipeline by always consulting with your sales team to get the best results.

They ensure that their strategies are effective and coordinate with your people on how to get better leads and acquire the necessary details to better understand the needs of your business.

4. Prioritizes Quality Assurance

Call center agents also know how important communication is between you and your potential customers.

They ensure that the quality of their services is up to par and record all calls for quality assurance.

They are naturally good at telephone sales and pinpoint which strategies work for each customer. 

Recording calls also give you the opportunity to assess their effectiveness and ensure that their methods are in line with your business’s culture.

They even offer daily live agent monitoring that measures how effective each project is.

5. Promotes Better Lead Management

Measuring your success every step of the way is also crucial in determining whether your business operations are effective or not.

Each sales process accounts for every metric. Call center agents help determine which of these processes matter the most to your customers.

They establish baseline numbers that align with each attainable benchmark.

In-house call center agents also follow uniform standards and provide daily and weekly reports. Thus, you are always a part of your business growth every step of the way.

6. Reliable Cloud Solutions

As mentioned, call center agents always inform you of every project’s progress. They observe this by establishing cloud solutions.

Cloud computing involves the delivery of hosted services through the internet. These include infrastructure-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and software-as-a-service protocols.

These store data and compute the effectiveness of each project without direct active management.

Thus, their methods eliminate human error and deliver reliable, fast, and real-time.

The Bottom Line

Acquiring the help of call center agents in lead management is crucial to your business growth.

They know how to engage potential customers, are experts in landing sales strategies, and deliver fast and efficient results.

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How Call Center Companies Can Fortify Your Business’ Cybersecurity

How Call Center Companies Can Fortify Your Business' Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks such as malware and ransomware continue to evolve, and cybercriminals are using more and more sophisticated ways to carry out their attacks. 

Luckily, call center agents can incorporate security controls that can help protect your business against cyberattacks.

What Are Cyberattacks?

Cyberattacks can destroy computer networks and systems. They affect businesses significantly since hackers acquire sensitive information and expose your confidential business operations. 

Effects of Cyber Attacks

Hackers may cause a global financial burden by infiltrating your systems. In fact, malware breaches caused a total of $11.5 billion worth of damages in 2019 alone.

If your business does not establish efficient and effective security control measures, you put your business at a higher risk of bankruptcy, or worse – detrimental exposure.

The Most Common Cyber Attacks

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Theft is a high-profile attack. Businesses that offer healthcare services and financial institutions such as banks are the usual targets.

Internal factors may also make you more vulnerable to attacks.These include devious acts done by disloyal and greedy employees. They are oftentimes referred to as rogue insiders.

Rogue insiders adversely affect your cybersecurity by backbiting fraudsters after they decide to leave for another job. 

Clicking malicious links also expose sensitive information. Most of these clickbaits function as data phishers and acquire sensitive user information without your consent. 

Some employees also lack the necessary skills required to secure your data. Untrained ones may even transfer data from one system to the next without securing the port. 

These mistakes are common. Some employees deliberately break your trust and confidence especially when their positions allow them to access confidential information and leak the same.

Role of Call Center Agents

Call center agents are trained to administer security control systems that defend your business against hackers. Our methods also follow Center for Internet Security standards.

We escape processor bugs, defend against malware and ransomware threats, reinforce data security, shield roaming devices, and identify devices that have been corrupted.

We also ensure that our services comply with the general rules on internet security such as preserving user privacy and preventing attacks at the same time. 

Our management solution techniques make it difficult for hackers to infiltrate our security systems. We uphold safety protocols against cyber attacks of any kind. 

Our services include patching, management, and reporting suites. We collaborate with IT experts to ensure the strength, consistency, and stability of our protective systems.

Our protective protocols swiftly notify whenever a hacker attempts to infiltrate systems. We are accustomed to the security ripple effect and assess your vulnerabilities accordingly.

We also establish multi-layered security strategies that fit your business needs. We use professionally-installed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems set up with secure firewalls.

The Bottom Line

System breaches and cyberattacks are dangerous burdens to online businesses. Call center agents strengthen your cybersecurity and secure sensitive information.

We help maintain the trust and confidence accorded by your clients by securing your needs by heart. If you acquire our call center services, your business will surely flourish without a glitch.

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5 Crucial Skills Every Call Center Agent Needs to Have

5 Crucial Skills Every Call Center Agent Needs to Have

Are you thinking of expanding your business but have limited resources to secure better infrastructure and hire more customer support agents?

If you answered with a “yes,” then consider outsourcing call center agents.

Allow us to share with you the skill set that your customer service agents should possess to contribute positively to your business.

Agents with a customer-centered attitude recognize their chief role in assisting their customers and genuinely helping them.

Let’s hop right in.

These agents consider their customers’ needs as of prime importance and look at the situation from their callers’ perspective.

In this way, your agents can implement appropriate measures that are not only efficient for them and your brand, but, more importantly, best for their customers.

1. Customer-centered Attitude

If their callers had a negative experience, customer-centered agents still foster customer relationship by suggesting better options and schemes, expressing goodwill, and the like.

2. Composure

When interacting with and serving customers, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There will be days when customers will storm agents and blast them with a gripe and angry demand to fix them.

Your agents should learn to filter through customers’ negative emotions and remain focused on the concern at hand. 

Composure will enable them to think critically, find a solution, and still speak pleasantly and coolly.

Your agents should learn not to take customers’ statements personally, detach themselves while still actively engaging, and respond appropriately.

3. Resourcefulness and Flexibility

Although you want your agents to stick to their script, customers will sometimes have inquiries that are not in the reference material.

If your agent can promptly answer questions not found on the script, he can work toward accomplishing his objectives more effectively.

At a call center, unexpected issues may arise, so it’s crucial that your agents exercise resourcefulness in finding solutions and flexibility to go off the script when needed.

Remind them that resourcefulness begins with their willingness to resolve customers’ issues, and they must do their best to address them at the soonest possible time.

4. Organization

It’s essential for your agents to have a high degree of organization, like in recording contact information, jotting down notes when needed, and generally forming a functional work routine.

Organized agents are efficient in their tasks and overall performance. Organization also enhances their working relationship with you and your customers. 

Imagine finding and giving the wrong information from the CRM to them. That mistake can spell disaster for your business.

Remind your agents to stay organized all the time, especially in documenting incidents and data.

5. Effective Communication Skills

Agents shouldn’t merely communicate to customers — they need to communicate effectively.

They should speak courteously and confidently, balancing amiableness and professionalism.

Active listening is also important.

Your agents should understand the context of where their callers are coming from before they respond. 

They should also be asking questions for clarity, and avoid interrupting their callers when they’re speaking.

Agents may read from cues and scripts and put a personal touch to them. It’s vital that they don’t sound apathetic to their customers’ concerns.

Agents must also be consistent in how they communicate with their customers, including the kind of language they should use and avoid.

Invest in these agents.

Hiring agents with these skills can help you cultivate favorable customer relationships and loyalty. 

Invest in these competent agents, and that big step can have a game-changing impact on your business.

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Call Center Lead Generation Services

For your company’s sales team to keep closing deals, you need to have a steady stream of quality leads.

While you can certainly train them to generate the leads themselves, they would be far more effective if they focused on doing one thing only — and that is, to close the sales.

If your sales team is less effective/efficient because they’re having to juggle between the task of closing deals and generating leads, then you might want to consider working with call centers for their lead generation services.

Let’s look at some of the strategic lead generation services that call centers can often help you with.

Lead Generation Services 


When your audience are the ones reaching out to you, then you’re in a great place to turn them into leads — so you can further establish your relationship with them — then turn them into paying customers.

Here are a few “inbound” ways to that call centers can generate leads for you:

  • Live chats and hangouts. Live chat is one of the direct ways your customers can engage with your company, show interest in your products, and qualify as a lead.
  • Social media. Networking sites function like a digital contact list where the specialists can find countless leads, examine users’ beat, and filter them appropriately.

Likes, reposts, and comments, including private messages, can all help specialists capture leads and assign appropriate action according to the campaign strategy.

  • Blogs. Blog posts on your website with a feedback section invitations also call users to engage directly with your company.

Their commenting and the kind of feedback they give signifies their interest and can lead to closing sales transactions.

  • Forms. Forms like sign-up, contact, subscription and others also help gather leads as interested users fill them up.


In most outsourcing undertakings, lead generation is usually classified under outbound call center services.

Outbound calls are a more proactive way of gathering leads through the following methods:

  • Cold calling and Telemarketing. Telemarketing allows lead generation specialists to have direct contact with your prospects.

Through this strategy, they can immediately work from your customer information database or contact lists according to your particular needs.

They can call hundreds of accounts and build on their initial conversation with your customers for further business and sales engagement.

  • Appointment setting. Specialists can rapidly call prospects and schedule profitable appointments on behalf of your sales team.

Their services can even include follow-ups and personal meetings.

Specialists can also turn on settings that enable prospects to listen to your company’s messages at specific periods when your representative is available.

Appointment setting also allows specialists to foster client trust and relationship, and project a favorable brand image of your company.

  • Email marketing. Through email campaigns, specialists can reach out to your customers directly and appropriately.

They can thoroughly study your product and service market and create innovative messages and campaigns with compelling CTAs.

Outsource Your Lead Generation.

For your lead-generating efforts to succeed, you need to put in a lot of skill, focus, and time. 

Call centers are the perfect match to suit your lead generation needs through their dedicated specialists.

With the help of call centers, you can have highly-trained lead generation specialists engaging your audience so you can turn them into leads.

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