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Telemarketing: Philippine Telemarketing Tips

Calling customers could be very critical in such a way that outbound call center agents need to establish a good first impression. Remember you are dealing with customers over the phone. They didn’t know and see you, so for them to make a transaction with you; they should trust and believe in you first.

Being a part of the Philippines Telemarketing team, your goal is to acquire potential customers, thus boost the company’s sales. In order for you do this, you have to know everything about your product or services, and you need to be prepared on frequently asked questions as well. You must deliver all the valuable information of the products and emphasize all the benefits. Know your prospective clients by researching; it is the best key to generate leads and to know all the needed details in pitching your prospective customers. Communication skills are very important also in establishing the company’s professionalism and credibility. You have to keep in mind that communication is a two way process and doesn’t just stop by giving the customers the information but also listening and knowing what they need. Use the customers’ name to get their attention and establish a rapport for it is an effective tool in having repeat customers. But you need to have control of the conversation and should avoid unnecessary information. Learn how to anticipate their needs and be sincere about it. Make customers feel important and appreciated. Remember that customers are the most important asset of a business and without them, a company will not exist.

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BPO: A Call Center Mom Shares Her Time Management Advice – II

One thing is that you don’t have to put the entire load on your shoulder; you can hire a house helper. She can clean the house, cook breakfast, do the laundry, go to the market and look after your kids while you’re resting. These are some tasks that are very time consuming but it doesn’t mean that you will let her do everything as well as your responsibilities as a mom. As long as you show your family that you find little ways to make them feel that they’re important, I’m sure there will be no problem at all. And one more advice, don’t forget about yourself. Find time to reward yourself for working like a massage, a spa or dinner with your husband. Always make sure that you stay healthy as well or else these things won’t make sense. Having at least eight hour sleep, proper diet and taking vitamins and supplements will surely help.


In today’s economy, I understand that both parents need to work in order to support the family’s needs and to gain self-respect as well. The reality is that we can’t get everything that we wanted in just a blink of an eye. We need to work hard for it. Working in a call center seems to be a tough job but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice time with your family. I guess this is much better than working abroad for like two or three years, not seeing your family and not spending precious time with them.

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BPO: A Call Center Mom Shares Her Time Management Advice – I

Working on a night shift in a call center is really hard especially if you have a family. You may think that you won’t be able to spend time with them and to perform your responsibility. Well, it’s really hard but there’s no way that you can’t do such things. It only takes some discipline and time management. As a working mom in Philippines BPO, my shift is at 9 o’clock in the evening until 6 o’clock in the morning. So what do I do to perform my duty as a mom and an agent? Here’s my daily itinerary.


0630H                    arrives home and sometimes prepares breakfast for the family

0700H                    eats breakfast with the family before they leave for work and school

0730H                    cooks lunch

0830H                    takes a nap for four hours

1230H                    eats lunch with my son coming from school

1300H                    helps and teaches my son with his homework

1400H                    takes another four to five hour nap

1830H                    prepares for work

1900H                    dinner with the family (having conversation with husband about his day)

2000H                    leaves for work


And during Sunday, I make sure that I spend quality time with the family by having a special lunch with some relatives or going out to the mall. Well, basically here’s my daily itinerary. It seems hard at first but if you get used to it, you’ll find it very easy. I guess it also depends on your way of living.

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Call Center Philippines: Relocation 2

As I reached Cebu City, it felt like I’m still in Manila. I had lunch at Ayala mall that was really great. There were so many nice restaurants, casual dining or fine dining, you would find everything but the difference was the hospitality of the Cebuanos, greeting you with a warmth smile and speaking their language with pride. But in English, they speak it very well. Definitely, being the 3rd English speaking nation, it is an official language used in schools, universities and government institutions. It is no wonder why major companies in the U.S. and U.K. outsource their call centre operations here in Cebu.

I went to this place called I.T. Park, and it is surrounded by many restaurants, coffee shops, banks and a lot of Philippines outsourcing companies. It is really a nice place to visit and a good working environment as well. The day may be over but the night has just begun as I witnessed Cebu city’s night life. For party people, I’m sure you’ll never get bored as it has lots of nice bars to hang out and entertainment here in Cebu. And the best part of my trip, the beach. I didn’t have to travel that far just to get to the beach; it has a lot of beautiful white sand beaches that are very close to the city. So what else could I ask for, a city and a beach. And now, I could say that Cebu is not just a destination for me, I considered it as my home already.

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Call Center Philippines: Don’t Fear the Tarsier

I can remember this trip I took to Bohol, Philippines a few years ago and how much fun we had with many of my workmates from my job as an inbound call center agent.  I had been working with these people for only a few months but everyone was really nice and we all had a little extra money.  So we decided to make a little group tip to the next island over from Cebu and see the world’s smallest monkey.

I was so interested that I even did a little research which says the Tarsier is actually not a monkey at all.  Well to many Filipinos, they would agree and say that it is actually a monster.  When we got to the area to view the tarsier I met one of those who think that the tarsier is dangerous and it was something to see.  There was this funny incident because a kid was shouting screaming at the top of his lungs and saying “no monster.”  My initial reaction was “what the heck is that kid afraid of”   I mean, its a tarsier, as far as I know they have never killed anyone or eaten any little kids.  But I guess I probably didn’t know any better when I was young either.  And not everyone has the opportunity to look up tarsier on Wikipedia to see what these little guys are all about.

So I can’t blame her.   I guess she was just kid same as me before and she has fear over things that she is not familiar with.  Children see things differently in one child’s eyes the tarsier may be gentle but to that little girl this was the worst monster.  I hope her parents walked her through it and showed her that the tarsier is not to be feared.  But it was going to take a while.  Now that I am back at my BPO office I think about that girl and wish I could send her a nice article about the tarsier.

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Call Center Philippines: The Bohol Tarsier

A few years ago, May 7, 2003 exactly 3pm when we arrived in Bohol, Philippines. It was my first time to be in on this tropical island and it was a little vacation from my job as a telemarketing agent at a call center. The place was nice the people are nice too, and the food was great. The main reason I was there was to witness the creature which they called “Tarsier”. When I first heard about it, I never bothered to care or get excited to see one. But now here I was stating at the little creature and it changed my view.

Mixed reaction is what I witnessed from both young and old. I can see them smiling, taking picture of this so called “Tarsier.” Then I saw the “tarsier”. So it is true what other people say that this is a special creature that we as Filipinos need to care for. It reminded me of a kid… small gentle and innocent.

The whole experience was really great for me not just because I got to ses one of the treasures of the Philippines but also because the people were nice, the food was great and the island of Bohol is beautiful. I don’t know the exact word to describe it. But it’s all worth it. It made me realize that simple things can be so meaningful and so many other people don’t realize it. The Tarsier, for example, makes other people happy and smile which can be priceless. On that point, it made me realize that small things can still make a big impact on peoples lives. This little creature bought out the best in the people and hopefully they will go back to their customer service and call center jobs and be that much happier from spending time with one of the smallest primates in the world.

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Call Center Philippines: Healthy Living

Healthy living on the call center floor
I will be discussing how a call center agent can be healthy.

We all know that most call center agents work at the wee hours of the day, and staying up late can be hard to used to. We should learn to adjust to our schedule and do what is appropriate to keep feeling healthy when working funky hours in the contact center. Wake up at a time that is appropriate for you to get ready for work and after shift do not stay up too late. Just make sure you schedule your sleep for 8 hours.

Secondly, the eating habits. Eat only nutritious foods. You do not have to deprive yourself of your cravings just make sure you are getting the right nutritional content with what you are eating. Learn to balance your eating habits. Eat a full meal one hour after you wake up and follow it up with small meals or snacks in between shifts. Eating a lot in between shifts is the most common factor for sleepiness. Eat fruits and vegetables. Eating healthy has always been the main point of it all.

Lastly, Exercise. We all know that prevention is better than cure, and exercise is the way to do it. Exercise, even just for a little while, every day after shift, run a few laps maybe or do some crunches before you go to sleep. In a way it helps your sleeping because it is easier to sleep when you are tired.

The main thing is to combine the three and whopaaa! You get to be healthy on the floor. It is both beneficial for the company and also for you. Since if you feel great then your work is great. But one thing is the most important in being healthy. One must have discipline and self respect for with out discipline no one can achieve his goal. Working at call center Philippines is not always easy but it can be if you are prepared.

Maintain discipline in everything that you do and for sure all you do will be successful. Respect yourself if you want to be successful.

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Simple Ways Night Shift Call Center Agents Can Stay Healthy – Part 1

Working in a call center really is an exciting job. Aside from the high salary, call center agents enjoy the environment of their work, and the night shift gives them lots of freedom. But people who work at a call center are at risk for getting sick if they are not careful. Even the chronic stress caused by their work patterns can have an effect on their health. So it’s very important for call center agents to stay healthy to avoid these problems.

Here are some simple ways night shift agents can live a healthier life.



You need to move to burn calories, which keeps your body “oiled” and reviving, along with your metabolism humming just fine. A brisk walk is considered quite healthy, so it’s fairly easy to manage a regular exercise regimen comprised of sustained activity for 30 minutes a day.


Sleep Earlier

Your body heals and repairs itself, and does its regulatory job while you’re sleeping. So, give it the rest it deserves to keep you prepared for the next day.


Consider Vitamin Supplementation.

Supplements — especially the important ones — are a necessity to help replenish your body’s stores.


Think Twice About Joining Weight Loss Programs

Weight loss programs run the risk of being a waste of time, and more importantly, money. You don’t need to spend lots of money just to lose weight. There are cheaper alternatives, and simple home exercise will  be sufficient. The more advanced BPO centers will even help you attain this lifestyle.


Eat Healthier

Eat more vegetables, while also trying to cut down on red meat, caffeine, sugar and salt. Vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that can help to protect the body against diseases including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, some cancers, high blood pressure, and hypertension.


Be on the lookout for more tips in Part 2 of this article!

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My Funny Experience Applying for a Call Center Job Part 1

It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon when I was all by myself trying to figure out the emptiness that I felt. I live alone in a dormitory here in Cebu, Philippines. Emptiness that has been in silence and emptiness that has been longing for fulfillment. Then I asked myself ,”what am I going to do with my life? I’m broke,I need money and I need a job”. I cried and when I faced the mirror I saw a newspaper. I immediately took the newspaper and went back to my bed. I read the newspaper and went to classified ads section. Then I wandered from page to page and the job vacancies were mostly call centers in the Philippines. So I asked myself why not try to apply since everybody has the guts for it.

Early morning of the next day I woke up and made my resume with the hesitation of pursuing what I have plan or just stay at home. Then suddenly I realized that this is the moment where I can show and tell to everybody that I can be a call center agent too.I felt that it was my lucky day and optimistic that things would turned out positively.I took a shower but deep within my mind I’m skeptical about my plan. I chose the best dress that I have in my locker, put on my make-up and hurriedly went to I.T Park and applied for an outbound call center that I’ve found in the newspaper.

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Healthy Tips for Call Center Agents on the Night Shift

If you work for a call center in the Philippines, chances are that you work at least some of your shifts at night. Whether you work for an outbound call center and are a lead generation machine or at an inbound call center taking customer service calls, the following tips should help you keep it together during long graveyard shifts. The following is from a fellow call center agent in the Philippines.


1. Get Enough Sleep

This is the most important thing that call center agents usually don’t do. By not getting enough sleep, they go to work very weak and tired, sometimes falling asleep during calls. Not only will they be scolded by their supervisors, but they end up not being productive throughout the day.


2. Eat Healthier

Always have well balanced meals to give you enough energy to take calls throughout the whole shift and be enthusiastic all night. Usually skipping meals will make you dizzy and nauseated, making it hard to concentrate on your calls and unable to really understand your customers concerns. Listening attentively and having an upbeat tone with  your customers helps you be able to address their concerns properly and furthermore, keeps their attention during your pitch.


3. Drink Plenty of Fluids

Talking all the time on the phone can really dry up your throat. To protect the most important aspect of working in a call center, which is you voice, you should take in lots of fluids. Drink lots of water, juice, or iced tea. Whatever is available or whichever you prefer. Having a spill-proof tumbler is the most common thing you see at every call center agents’ desk.


4. Exercise

Being fit is very crucial in keeping your job. If you are very unhealthy, you tend to get sick often, which leads to missed days, and eventually termination.


5. Balanced Social Life

Nothing makes you more lively and excited to go to work at night in the call center than getting together again with coworkers you enjoy being with. Take time to build meaningful, professional relationships with your team.


6. Keep Habits in Check

I guess telling people not to smoke or drink coffee at work would make me a hypocrite since I myself smoke. True, drinking coffee and smoking is a big help in keeping you awake at work, but having too much is a different story. Your habits should never affect your work, period.


7. Learning to Unwind

Working is good, but working too much is not. Having fun and going out with friends keeps you healthy in ways that improve your overall sense of being, which leads to a more positive and alert attitude at work.

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