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BPO Shines Brighter in 2011

The declaration of the Philippines as global number one in the voice BPO services is only an evident sign of a positive 2011 for BPO industry. The Philippines sunshine industry is expected to shine even brighter in 2011. The Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) project that the Philippine IT-BPO industry could yield about US$11 billion in revenues for the year 2011, which would be a 20% increase from 2010’s estimated revenue of US$9 billion. BPAP and CICT also project that the industry could create an additional 84,000 jobs next year, bringing the total number of IT-BPO workers in the Philippines to around 610,000.


The highly-skilled Filipino workforce will be the key to make this projection possible. In fact, young Filipinos prefer to start their career in the call center business. There are universities that offer courses that are related with BPO to shape up their skills in this line of industry. This is the reason why our country is abundant with young college-educated individuals who are eager to join the attractive call center profession. Despite of this, Philippines call center agents have to go through serious training that helps improve their English skill as well as provide them with discipline, self-esteem, and the corporate attitude  to survive in any business environment. The training may be difficult at the start, but workers find out that it’s all worth it as the job boosts their self-confidence and communication skills. With the cooperation and support of the government and private sector, it is with no doubt that the 2011 industry growth figures can easily be achieved.

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Call Center Agent: Being Powerful in Saving the Earth

Are you familiar with these names – Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Hu Jintao, Vladimir Putin, Pope Benedict XVI, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah Winfrey? I must say that these are just some of the most powerful people in the world. These are the persons who have influenced the human race. Among the 6.8 billion people here on planet earth, have you imagined what you can do to be recognized by these billions of people? Definitely yes, each and every one of us can do a lot and influence others; one way is to save our mother earth.


Earth is a very important part of everyone’s lives and since we live here, we should all be responsible individuals. You may not be able to reduce global warming, end pollution and save endangered species single-handed but by choosing to live an earth-friendly lifestyle, you can help protect our environment even in simple ways. Some ways are unplug appliances if not in need or use compact fluorescent light bulbs to conserve energy; try to walk for short trips or take public transportation for longer ones to reduce air pollution; use reusable bags when shopping instead of plastic bags especially now that its Christmas season. For businesses like call centre, automotive companies, cellphone companies, airlines, etc., make sure to be a green company by reducing paper usage in the office, using energy efficient computers and most of all, encouraging the employees to do such practices.


Let’s stop saying “what can I do, I’m only one person”, instead “I’m only one person but I can be a powerful one to save the earth”.

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2011 Customer Service Trends

In the face of a recession and a very tight global competition, every company must still realize that the only way to survive and to increase market share is to keep customers satisfied. In 2011, it‘ll be another challenge for some business to adapt to higher customer demands. Based on a recent customer service survey by Frost & Sullivan, here are the top call center trends.

Customer satisfaction, a top priority: Half of respondents were classified as “customer-oriented”. A further 35% were classified as searching for the “latest and greatest” applications. “Cost-focused” represented the remaining 15% of respondents.

Rapid growth of social media customer interactions: 30 percent indicated they support social media customer interactions on social media sites such as facebook, twitter, etc. and 29 percent extract intelligence from this activity. Of social media benefits, the top three cited were to “provide better customer service,” (75 percent), “drive sales,” (58 percent), and “drive customer loyalty” (54 percent).

Growth of web collaboration, text and video: With supported inbound interaction channels, growth from 2009 to 2010 was highest for text/SMS (25 percent increase), video (15 percent increase), and Web-based interactions (8 percent increase).

Consistent customer experience: The largest majority of respondents – 67 percent – rated ensuring consistent service across channels as a “very high priority” or “high priority.”

Significant increase in proactive customer contact activity: Of three types of outbound service programs, the majority — 65 percent — indicated they would increase their “proactive, value-add customer contact” programs over the next two years; 43 percent said they would increase their “sales and marketing” programs, and 42 percent said they would increase their “collections” programs.

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Philippines Telemarketing: Christmas Season

On Christmas Eve here in the Philippines, it is a night without sleep and a continuous celebration moving right into Christmas Day. The Noche Buena is very much like an open house celebration. Family, friends, relatives, and neighbors drop by to wish every family member “Maligayang Pasko” or Merry Christmas. Food is in abundance, often served in buffet style. There are also plenty of beer, wine, and liquor, which make the celebration of Christmas indeed intoxicating. In other words, Christmas Eve is a very special occasion for Filipinos to spend time with families and friends.


But for those who are obliged to work during this day, it isn’t really a big deal at all. For companies that operate 24/7 like hotels, airlines, cruise ships, restaurants, hospitals and Philippines call center, I’m sure that its usual to their employees to work during Christmas Eve. Regardless of the fact that employees receive extra compensation on that day, it is also one of the greatest opportunities for some companies to earn more income. This is the time wherein most hotels are fully booked; airlines are fully booked as well because of holiday trips and restaurants are busy catering to dinner reservations. For Philippines telemarketing, it is the best time to launch new products and services, to market such products and to perform outbound campaigns.


Christmas season is also a time to earn more income but no matter how hectic this holiday is, for everyone, this is the day that should be remembered and cherished.

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If Santa Claus Has a Call Center

Santa Claus is very well known across the globe as a jolly fat bearded man sporting a red suit trimmed with white fur. On Christmas Eve,  Santa Claus enters the home of good children, usually through the chimney, bearing gifts of toys that his elves have been busy making all year long. Every child always makes a letter to him about their Christmas wishes. But come to think of it, it’s already 2010, what if Santa Claus has his own call centre?


If Santa Claus has a contact center, it will be easy for everyone to get in touch with him. His inbound call center agents will always be available to answer every inquiry. I’m sure that he will have the best VOIP phone service and PBX phone system as well. Since he doesn’t have to sell anything, he will still have telemarketing agents for charity fundraising, definitely Santa Claus loves to help those who are in need. On the other hand, his BPO call center will have the skilled web developers and programmers for his website. He will have a very nice blog site wherein everybody is free to make comments. With so many things to do, he will also have a virtual assistant for his appointments and email responses.


As it gets closer to Christmas, Santa gets busier and busier but if he has a call center, there will be no problem at all, Santa will always be glad to hear from children all over the world and make them happy on Christmas Day.

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BPO: Building Self-Esteem

Being an agent of the Philippines BPO, it is very important for you to be able to socialize and communicate well with other people especially that you are talking not just the people around you but the people overseas with different language and culture. But what if you have low self esteem? Most probably, you will have a poor self opinion and this will greatly affect your performance at work.  So it is very important to feel positive about yourself because every individual is unique and you have something that others don’t have. There are a lot of reasons to feel good about yourself.


Be grateful for what you have. Learn to appreciate and love what you have now before looking for new things that you think will make you happy.


Remember your achievements even the small ones. Everybody has done wonderful things in their life and you are no exception.


Know what you want. Learn who you are and seek for important things that contribute to your personal growth.


Be true to yourself. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else just to fit in, as long as you’re true to yourself, people will like you for who you are.


Make room for self-development. Learning is an endless process. Setting aside time each day to work on personal growth is something that will make you so much better and competitive enough.


In our world today, it is very important to have self-esteem to be on the right track. If you don’t have this, then you will probably lose your way in achieving your goals in life.

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BPO: A Call Center Dad

Being a father is really hard. I know it’s the biggest responsibility that anybody could have. People expect a lot from me as a father. At first, it wasn’t easy for me to adapt in this kind of life but when I think of my children, it drives me to give only the best for them.

Having three kids really mean a lot. It makes me think on how I will raise them since my life now is far different from the life I’m used to. Before, my life has no direction, I was always with my friends, hitting the bars and partying all night. Until I realized it wasn’t good. Despite the fact that I wasn’t saving any money, I wasn’t also earning respect from myself as a father. And so, I changed my lifestyle as I became a part of the Philippines BPO industry. I’m earning more than the minimum salary. It may not be that much for three kids but

I’m sure it’s quite enough to provide their daily needs. Well, if before I could stay up all night at bars, same in my night-shift job but it’s worthy. And when I get home, I always make sure that I spend time with my kids. I don’t even mind the pressure at work, instead it challenges me to do better and better each day. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me because not only I’m having fun with my job but I’m also proving myself and the people around me that I’m a responsible father.

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Telemarketing: Philippine Telemarketing Tips

Calling customers could be very critical in such a way that outbound call center agents need to establish a good first impression. Remember you are dealing with customers over the phone. They didn’t know and see you, so for them to make a transaction with you; they should trust and believe in you first.

Being a part of the Philippines Telemarketing team, your goal is to acquire potential customers, thus boost the company’s sales. In order for you do this, you have to know everything about your product or services, and you need to be prepared on frequently asked questions as well. You must deliver all the valuable information of the products and emphasize all the benefits. Know your prospective clients by researching; it is the best key to generate leads and to know all the needed details in pitching your prospective customers. Communication skills are very important also in establishing the company’s professionalism and credibility. You have to keep in mind that communication is a two way process and doesn’t just stop by giving the customers the information but also listening and knowing what they need. Use the customers’ name to get their attention and establish a rapport for it is an effective tool in having repeat customers. But you need to have control of the conversation and should avoid unnecessary information. Learn how to anticipate their needs and be sincere about it. Make customers feel important and appreciated. Remember that customers are the most important asset of a business and without them, a company will not exist.

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BPO: A Call Center Mom Shares Her Time Management Advice – II

One thing is that you don’t have to put the entire load on your shoulder; you can hire a house helper. She can clean the house, cook breakfast, do the laundry, go to the market and look after your kids while you’re resting. These are some tasks that are very time consuming but it doesn’t mean that you will let her do everything as well as your responsibilities as a mom. As long as you show your family that you find little ways to make them feel that they’re important, I’m sure there will be no problem at all. And one more advice, don’t forget about yourself. Find time to reward yourself for working like a massage, a spa or dinner with your husband. Always make sure that you stay healthy as well or else these things won’t make sense. Having at least eight hour sleep, proper diet and taking vitamins and supplements will surely help.


In today’s economy, I understand that both parents need to work in order to support the family’s needs and to gain self-respect as well. The reality is that we can’t get everything that we wanted in just a blink of an eye. We need to work hard for it. Working in a call center seems to be a tough job but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice time with your family. I guess this is much better than working abroad for like two or three years, not seeing your family and not spending precious time with them.

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BPO: A Call Center Mom Shares Her Time Management Advice – I

Working on a night shift in a call center is really hard especially if you have a family. You may think that you won’t be able to spend time with them and to perform your responsibility. Well, it’s really hard but there’s no way that you can’t do such things. It only takes some discipline and time management. As a working mom in Philippines BPO, my shift is at 9 o’clock in the evening until 6 o’clock in the morning. So what do I do to perform my duty as a mom and an agent? Here’s my daily itinerary.


0630H                    arrives home and sometimes prepares breakfast for the family

0700H                    eats breakfast with the family before they leave for work and school

0730H                    cooks lunch

0830H                    takes a nap for four hours

1230H                    eats lunch with my son coming from school

1300H                    helps and teaches my son with his homework

1400H                    takes another four to five hour nap

1830H                    prepares for work

1900H                    dinner with the family (having conversation with husband about his day)

2000H                    leaves for work


And during Sunday, I make sure that I spend quality time with the family by having a special lunch with some relatives or going out to the mall. Well, basically here’s my daily itinerary. It seems hard at first but if you get used to it, you’ll find it very easy. I guess it also depends on your way of living.

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