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Contact Center Services

Are your customers trying to reach you through email, chat, or social media, but you aren’t there? Customers not only expect to find your business online and on social media, but they want to interact with you there, too. The increasingly widespread expectation of omnichannel customer service has spurred the development of contact centers.

Executive Boutique Call Center is a Philippines-based company that is dedicated to providing the best customer service through the most up-to-date platforms. We are constantly investing in our teams and in new technologies to make sure that our experienced and skilled staff can provide excellent customer service across any channel.

Call Center vs. Contact Center

Unlike a traditional call center, where customer concerns are addressed only over the phone, contact centers communicate with customers over a variety of channels, including:

  • E-mail
  • Web messaging
  • Social networking sites
  • VoIP (voice over IP)
  • Phone calls
  • Text Messaging
  • And more

Contact center services allow your customers to quickly address problems or questions on their preferred platform. It can also help to resolve issues quicker, cut back on long wait times, increase customer satisfaction, provide more relevant and timely help, and possibly even help to close a sale.

For instance, hopping onto a web chat can be more convenient and useful for users experiencing payment processing issues. Plus, it keeps them on your page so that as soon as their issue is resolved, they can click “pay” and continue with their purchase.

Our staff has helped countless companies in the industries we serve to improve their customer service and customer satisfaction. Schedule a consultation to see how we can do the same for you.

Other functions of a contact center

While contact centers can take over traditional customer service roles, they can also perform other helpful functions that can quickly grow your business. In addition to managing customer concerns and questions, our contact center staff can help you:

  • Request feedback through surveys
  • Send promotional push-notifications
  • Deliver order status
  • Respond to sales inquiries
  • Provide self-help options
  • Assist in technical issues
  • Track customer behaviors
  • And more

As technology advances, so does our list of services offered. If you are looking to add a particular function to your contact service or want to reach a goal and are not sure how, let us know. We’ll dig deep into your current obstacles and future goals to make sure we build a contact center that will work for you.

Benefits of having a contact center

Contact centers allow you to meet customer expectations and improve their satisfaction by providing real, valuable insight, exactly when and where they need it. Providing digital communication functionality also allows you to easily gather and track customer behaviors, preferences, and information, creating more robust customer profiles that allow you to better target your marketing campaigns and provide more personalized customer care.

With the help of Executive Boutique, you can offer a seamless customer care experience if they bounce between platforms.

Above all, the expectations for contact centers is only going to grow. Jumping into the digital world now is necessary if you want to keep your business relevant in today’s market.

Outsourcing your Contact Center needs

Having a contact center is quickly moving from a luxury to a necessity, as more and more customers expect to be able to find quick and informational solutions to their problems without leaving the platform. This can mean one customer is expressing technical concerns with your app, while another is on your website trying to determine how long shipping will take. Addressing these concerns takes a qualified staff.

Even for large businesses, the time and money it would take to hire, train, and equip a full contact center team can seem overwhelming and unrealistic. However, you can achieve affordable customer service without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

At Executive Boutique Call Center, we provide quality, affordable solutions to your contact center needs, no matter what industry you’re in or how large your business is.

You can outsource some or all of your contact center services and start providing customers with the services they expect while freeing your staff to work on other core functions of the business.

Choosing Executive Boutique Call Center

When choosing Executive Boutique, you are not only choosing a team of experts with exceptional customer service skills and fluent-level English, but you are also investing in a company that is dedicated to remaining atop of new trends and technologies. This means that you can concentrate on growing your business while we focus on making sure you are always providing the best customer service on the most up-to-date channels—all at a competitive rate. To learn more about our comprehensive outsourcing services, contact us today!

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