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Free Checklist

For Outsourcing your Call Center
Is your company thinking about outsourcing its call center?

Download our FREE checklist and you will:

  • Receive detailed list of all of the questions you will want to ask before making the critical decision of out-sourcing your call center services
  • Sound like an expert during the interview process even if you have never outsourced any services before
  • Be able to create a detailed RFP in minutes using this comprehensive checklist

Whether you are considering outsourcing your customer or technical support services or your outbound marketing calls, this list is a terrific tool to help you make the right decision.

  • Organized into 15 key categories of questions
  • Easily customizable for use as your RFP
  • Covers topics including telecom infrastructure, software, management, hiring, training, pricing and much more

Don’t hire a call center until you have read this.

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