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4 Ideal Characteristics of a Successful Call Center Manager

Call Center Manager

Call Center ManagerEvery call center needs great managers in order to thrive, even more so on account of the rapid changes in today’s business climate.

While each call center manager is different, the successful ones share distinct personality traits that drive their success.

And by “success” we mean their ability to encourage and motivate their agents to perform better on the floor. But then again, that’s not all there is to it.

With the way customer service processes have changed through the years, call center managers always have to keep up, and as such need to adjust accordingly in order to be more effective leaders.

So what are the common qualities that separate the great call center managers from the rest? Feel free to dive in if you want to find out.

1. Communicates with agents all the time

Since agents are the ones who talk to customers on a regular basis, they have a more profound knowledge of what customers need. Managers with good sense know this.

A customer service call center manager in the Philippines worth his salt will use this knowledge to the organization’s advantage, especially in terms of how to improve customer experience and inspire customer loyalty.

In addition, call center managers who talk to their agents regularly go a long way into empowering the workforce.

Furthermore, agents who feel that their thoughts and opinions matter will feel more motivated to be at their best.

2. Critical thinker

Call center managers are regularly tasked to come up with big decisions that will make a significant impact on the organization going forward.

As such, managers need to have the ability to think critically.

This means not taking everything at face value. By making it a point to look at challenges from every angle, a manager can come up with decisions where the positives outweigh the negatives not just for the present situation but in the long run as well.

Call center managers who are strategic-minded are a great asset to your organization because you can exchange ideas with them and in turn enable you to come up with great decisions yourself.

3. Excellent coach

According to recent research, the most significant ability that separates great managers from the middling ones is coaching.

By taking the time to have meaningful coaching sessions with agents, a call center manager can establish a meaningful connection with them. This, of course, leads towards meaningful growth.

Just the mere knowledge that the manager has his back engages the agent in more ways than one. It allows them to move forward positively but in a way where a sense of accountability is established.

4. Stays on top of the latest technological trends

The new wave of technology spurred on by the digital age has radically changed customer service processes as well as customer expectations.

A manager oversees many areas of a call center’s operations, and as such will have to stay updated on the latest innovations that would change the organization’s infrastructure.

If the call center is transitioning to the cloud, for example, a manager, who has more than a passing familiarity of how the technology works will be more able to help agents build and develop the necessary skills needed to thrive in the new system.

Key Takeaway

As the cliche goes, change is the only constant thing in this world. This is why being a great manager is a lifelong pursuit that needs to be taken seriously.

While it’s true that some people are born leaders, anyone can develop the leadership skills needed to thrive in any industry. You can certainly get a good head start by emulating the four characteristics discussed in this article.

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