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Customer Retention Solutions that Work in the Age of Dying Brand Loyalty

Customer Retention

Customer RetentionBecause of the new companies popping up every.single.day — together with the plethora of innovative features they offer — the customer tug of war in just about any industry has become even more cutthroat.

What’s more, these businesses aren’t slacking off in their marketing efforts either.

They’re bent on pouring budget on their marketing pockets or coming up with guerilla marketing tactics to get their brands in front of their target audience.

Having said all that, business owners are now at their wit’s end when thinking of ways to establish brand loyalty.Are you struggling with the same thing? Are you looking for ways to improve your customer retention?

If you answered with a “yes,” then please read on — you’re in the right place.

Have extensive knowledge of your product.

Your types of callers are varied, some being new to your product others longtime customers. Once a customer feels like you don’t know anything about your product and that you are wasting their time, it will leave a negative impact on customer retention.

Win the callers confidence by being an expert in your product. So go beyond the usual briefing and call scripts. Get a deeper understanding of your product by experiencing it from the customers perspective.

Possess extraordinary courtesy.

Be extremely courteous in your calls, control your tone of voice and treat the problem in a dignified manner. For troubleshooting calls, your customer might already be irate, to begin with; your job now is to pacify his emotions.

For sales calls, make sure your customer is in a good mood when you engage in the call, he may be busy or is going through something important, chances are if you force your sale he won’t buy it even though how good your product may be. Cut the call yourself and tell him you will reach out to him at a more opportune time.

Avoid trigger words that causes conflict.

From the very start of your call, use words like “we” or “our” to signify this is something that both of you will work on together. As much as possible do not assign blame to the caller by telling them, they must be doing something wrong.

Be diplomatic in your calls, share a mindset that this problem is no one’s fault, but you will work together to solve it anyway. This language puts both you and the customer on the same boat.

Find ways to re-target your customer by being proactive.

Way before your customers will start experiencing problems with their product, call them up and get feedback and how they find it so far. Pre-empting the issues like we do at our call center in the Philippines, will lessen the frustration of your customer, and they will appreciate your concern in their welfare.

Set schedules to call existing customers already utilizing your product, giving customers a sense that your company was not only after their money but is keen on meeting their needs.

You then establish a relationship way beyond the seller and the buyer. And that goes to show that you also prioritize customer  retention.

Utilizing these solutions to your advantage.

Use all available techniques to your call, and you will win a customers loyalty as long as your company exists. Your goal is to have a long streak in the retention of your customers. The elements of ensuring this happens are the ability to go the extra mile and to do more than what your competitors can.

What’s your strategy?

So what do you think? Are the techniques and solutions mentioned enough to ensure customer retention? Do you have even better strategies that you want to share regarding customer retention services?

Do let us know by giving feedback or sharing this article.

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