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Why Companies Should Outsource Customer Service

When people speak about your company, what do they say?

Would they say they love your products and the service you provide, or do they just see you as another company?

Hopefully it’s the former… we’ll rephrase this…  it should be the former. Customers pay attention to the care you give, if it’s personable and efficient it makes an impact. This is also true for sub-par customer service, it makes an impact, but not the type you want.

One route thousands of companies in the United States have taken toward customer service excellence is the outsourcing of these operations. Outsourcing customer service yields many benefits, and each company that decides to do so does for their own reason. Most companies are happy with making this decision, with 78% of businesses worldwide feeling positive about their outsourcing partnership.

Why are all these businesses happy with their decision?

They Are Saving Money

This is a given. “Cost-cutting” is the top reason for outsourcing among companies that currently partner with an outsourcing company. But there are many areas that we don’t typically think of when we calculate costs. Costs incurred from renewing subscriptions to cloud services or printing new training materials are no longer a part of the picture. Not only will you save money, but you’ll make money too. According to a study conducted by American Express, 2 out of 3 consumers are willing to pay more for exceptional customer service.

They Are Saving Time

Your employees should wear many hats, but there’s such thing as too many hats. You can free up your employees’ time to perform other, more important tasks, while your outsourcing partner can handle those time-consuming customer service issues. Providing top notch customer service requires constant re-evaluation of practices, and when adjustments are made, the staff will require more training on any new procedures.

They Have Access to Top Talent

Hiring employees that meet your company’s needs and standards takes time, anyone who’s been on Indeed and seen the same job posted every week knows that much. When you outsource your customer service operations, you give yourself access to a wide range of talent.

Their Operations Have Become Efficient

With after hours support services, live chat, and services like Automated Call Distribution (ACD), it’s safe to say that outsourcing customer service means that they’ll be more efficient. In the event of power outages or cyber attacks, you can take comfort in knowing your customer’s information is stored safely in a cloud, set up by your outsourcing partner.

They Have Access to Top Industry Tools

Technology is growing ever-more important in today’s business climate, and having access to software and equipment that’s reliable is key to maintaining a successful customer service operation. Not every company wants to spend the money on setting up equipment or paying companies for disruptive on-site installation or take the time to set up live chat services on every one of the office computers. Partnering with an outsourcing company means that your company will keep up with the times, and your customers will never have to deal with faulty systems and choppy connections.

Streamlining your customer service operations could revitalize your company, and any organization struggling to keep pace in the current consumer environment could use a second wind. Here at Executive Boutique Call Center, we have the means, talent, and technology to breathe life into your customer service operation.

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