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3 Tips to Personalize Your Customer Support

Personalize your customer support

Personalize your customer support

Researchers found that the waiters received a 24% increase on their tips just by offering mints to the customer along with the check. Read more about it here.

Pretty interesting, huh?

Of course, it wasn’t the mints that motivated the customers to give better tips. Rather, the results showcased the  potential power of personalized services to benefit all types of company.

Fortunately, call center companies are able to preserve that personal touch.

There are several up-to-date technology that automates services with the hopes of improving customer service for cost and time efficiency. However, technology can only do so much. Since customer concerns are diverse and unique, automated machines are limited in addressing them.

Therefore, you need to personalize your customer support. These 3 tips will help you with just that:

1. Incorporate features to your services.

The first step in personalizing your services is to incorporate features that will help you in achieving that. These features are for enhancing services, not replacing them.

Thanks to the advent of technology, you can integrate software systems into your services for a highly personalized customer-interaction. One example is CRM or Customer-Relations Management System. CRM is a commonly used platform that stores all customer information into a database.

As a result, when a customer contacts the center, agents can easily access information regarding the customer such as call history, demographics and preferences that will individualize your services.

2. Encourage an authentic dialogue.

The second step is crucial. Always remember that it is a must to engage with a customer as naturally as you can.

It is safe to assume that customers choose to contact call centers because they wish to talk to a human, not an automated machine. Thus, it is encouraged to engage in an unscripted and authentic dialogue with your customer.


First, ask how the customer wishes to be addressed. This simple yet effective strategy will build rapport and a relationship with your customer.

Afterwards, ask questions regarding the customer’s concerns. Actively listen and take down notes so you can reaffirm or rephrase the customer’s request to confirm that you understood the nature of the problem.

At the very least, have your customers understand that you are authentic about providing resolutions.

When you personalize your customer support using this tip, your customers won’t feel like another number; or just another account that you are trying to service. They will feel important and valued, which is very important if you want to keep them.

3. Follow up using multi-channel system.

The last step is optional—but it is highly recommended if you want to provide exceptionally personalized services.

Once a call is ended, the interaction does not have to end there. Elevate the personalized experience by engaging in post-call services.

You can always provide follow up services via email or text messages. You can do this by:

  • Surveying for feedback regarding the prior call
  • Asking for suggestions
  • Recommending products that suit customer preferences

This can significantly boost customer retention rates and build brand loyalty.


As you have learned, a highly personalized customer service can go a long way. It fosters relationships with customers, builds loyalty and promotes genuine interaction.

The bottom line is—you don’t need to offer mints along with your services! Just follow this 3-step guide to improve your company’s bottom line. Call us today to find out how we can help you optimize productivity, deliver a better customer experience and provide outsourced customer service.

Photo courtesy – © md3d / Dollar Photo Club

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