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4 Things Your Clients Could Be Saying About Your Customer Service

Customer Service
Customer Service
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Marilyn Suttle once said, “Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They’ll just walk away.”

In this quote, Marilyn Suttle made a good point, and it was that your customers will have a lot of things to say about you. Some of these things will be good and some of them will be bad. The important thing is that your customers are saying anything at all. It is when your customers have nothing to say, that you should be concerned.

Here are some of the things your clients could and should be saying about your customer service.

1. I’m Going to Tell All of My Friends About Your Company

This is easily the best thing you could hear a client say about your business and your customer service. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. As your call centre agent talks to your customer, you want your customer to enjoy the experience so much that they want to tell their friends and family members about it.

2. I Will Be Calling Again

If your client truly enjoys the customer service experience, they should tell you that they will be calling again. They may even ask you to call them again in the future with business updates. Either way, this should be music to your ears. You want customers who had such a pleasant experience that they want to engage with your call centre agents again.

3. I Was Satisfied With Your Service

At the end of a business call between a call centre agent and a customer, it is customary for there to be a question regarding whether or not the customer was satisfied with the service they were provided. It is also customary for the call centre agent to ask whether or not there is anything else they can help the customer with.

You want a customer who claims that they were completely satisfied with the service they received. Customers who end the phone conversation satisfied are more likely to return to your business for additional services in the future.

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4. I Have a Few Complaints

While having complaints from a customer is not ideal, it should not be viewed as a bad moment. Complaints are feedback you can use to make the service you provide better. You have to keep in mind that most customers are not going to bother to complain. They are just going to take their business elsewhere if they are not happy.

Having a customer who takes the time to tell you they are unhappy, means you have a customer who likes your business and wants things to change for the better. The question is: will you listen to their complaint and make the necessary changes in your business?

As you can see, everything you hear from your clients about your customer service experience is not always going to be positive. The important thing is that you are hearing something from them.


Outsourcing your business calls to a call centre with agents who are trained to provider customer service is the key to getting feedback from your customers to better your business.

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