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5 Best Practices in Earning Positive Customer Satisfaction Consistently

Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionIf there is a key performance indicator in the call center industry that can easily top all others, it would be customer satisfaction.

For one thing, the customer satisfaction metric can very well be the measure of how your customers perceived the overall quality of service that they received from your support team. If they perceived the support that they garnered as air-tight, then you can bet that your customer satisfaction would easily skyrocket.

Usually, the data is gathered through surveys given to customers right after their interaction with your team. The survey can be conducted through phone calls, emails, or online forms (among other things).

Here are five best practices that we use outsourcing support services in the Philippines to get a positive customer satisfaction rating consistently.

Improve service level

One of the best ways to keep a positive customer satisfaction is to have an amazing service level.

From a bird’s-eye view, the service level is the length of time that your customers wait from the time they call until an agent picks up the call.

By striving to cut their waiting time, the faster that they can get their issue resolved and the quicker they can get off the phone.

Under-promise but over-deliver

Another great tip is to under-promise but over-deliver. This is the secret of many successful organizations.

You do this by setting your customers’ expectations, then doing everything you can to deliver better results than what you promised.

For example, when your customers are told that the order is to be shipped in three days, you can surprise them by shipping their purchase in one or two days.

Fulfill unstated needs

There are many things that are important to your customers that they do not verbalize during their interaction with your team. These are often called “unstated needs.”

For example, a customer who is paying a bill over the phone or by sending in a check can benefit from an auto-debit arrangement. That way, their bills get paid automatically saving them time.

You can teach your agents to find ways to identify and fulfill your customers’ unstated needs.


Another great way to improve your customer satisfaction is by making a callback.

This is appropriate when the call was cut off unexpectedly, when things did not end well, or when issues are left unresolved.

A callback makes your customers’ life easier as it saves them a whole load of time waiting again on the phone and they can to talk to an agent who already knows their issue.

Personalized interaction

The last technique to get positive customer satisfaction is by building a human connection.

Your customers don’t want to hear a canned response from your support team. Instead, they want to be able to speak to someone who is not only capable of resolving their issues, but also someone who understands their situation as well.

That being said, train your agents to polish their communication skills and to develop a personable character to make each interaction they make with their callers a personalized, productive, and a meaningful one.


All the above tips have one thing in common: they are all about walking the extra mile for your customers.

By making sure that they have great service experience with your call center agents, you can raise your likelihood of being able to consistently earn positive customer satisfaction.

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