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5 Ways You Can Build Trust with Customer Service

Build Trust with Customer Service
Build Trust with Customer Service
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One of the biggest challenges in the business world is building trust and a positive reputation with your customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is by having a good customer service experience.

1. Dodge Solutions That Are Not in the Best Interest of the Customer

Unfortunately, a solution to a problem is not always within the budget of your customer. It is a bad idea for you to lie to your customer and tell them you can fix their problem with a solution if you know it is not completely going to fix it.

As you work with your customer, always be honest with them. Don’t offer them a solution that helps you more than it helps them.

2. Do Not Misrepresent Services, Features, or Benefits of a Product

The goal of a customer sales representative is to pitch and make sales while on the phone. Unfortunately, some call centre agents will do just about anything to make that sale. The worst thing you can do is lie or misinform the customer about what they are getting in order to make a sale.

The biggest problem with this approach is eventually the product or service is not going to live up to the unrealistic expectations you set for the customer. When this happens, the customer will call and complain. The business will end up losing money, and it will be traced back to being your fault.

3. Don’t Be Monotone and Impersonal

When your customers call into your business, they want to talk to a person. They do not want to talk to a robot and they certainly do not want to talk to someone who just sticks to the script. Ask questions and say a little bit about yourself too. The key is to make your customer remember they are talking to a real person.

4. Make it Easy For Your Customers to Complain

You want your customers to feel comfortable coming to you with the good and the bad. This means that if they are unhappy about something, they should be able to tell you about it. You need to provide an easy way for your customers to complain when something about your business makes them unhappy.

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5. Speak Respectfully of Your Competition

No one likes competition, but it makes your business look bad to talk badly about your competition. The best approach is to avoid talking about your competition, but your customers may bring them up from time to time.

As Jeff Bezos once said, “If we can keep our competitors focused on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we’ll turn out alright.”

Just let your customers do all of the talking when the topic of your competitors comes up. You should respond when appropriate, but avoid saying anything you might regret. It would be bad for business for your negative words to become public.


As you can see, there are a lot of different methods to using customer service to build trust with your clients; and it all goes back to having effective and efficient customer service agents. Fortunately, you can outsource this responsibility to a reputable call centre to get the job done right.

The tips shared above on how you can build trust with customer service are proven and tested to work. Don’t just read and learn. Use them.

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