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How to Influence Your Callers to Accept the Solutions that You’re Proposing

Influence your callers

Influence your callers

“I want to talk to your supervisor” — You gave your callers the best solution to their problems, but they asked for your supervisor nonetheless.

What caused the meltdown, you might ask? Since you’ve already given them the solution, why’d they still ask for your supervisor? At this point, instead of simply answering their questions, you are now having to think of ways on how to prevent your callers from getting angry.

After giving the scenario a bit more thought, you came to realize that the problem itself came from the solution that you offered to your caller.

Sure. You may be right in thinking that the solution you offered is the best possible route that they can take, however, if they don’t perceive your solution as such, they’ll deem it unacceptable and would ask to talk to someone else instead.

If you’re looking for tips on how to influence your callers to accept the solutions that you are proposing, then allow me to share with you these 6 tips.

Listen to your caller

This is the perfect situation to put your listening skill in action.

Give your caller the floor. Allow him the chance to tell you about his problems, suggestions, and even his frustrations about your products or services.

This will help you identify the best angle that you can use to pitch your solution.

Plan your move

As you listen to your caller, you’ll be able to formulate the best solution to their problems, AND the best possible way of delivering your suggestion.

That being said, when your callers are talking — or venting out their frustrations — be sure to use the time to plan and figure out how you can win them over. Use the opportunity to identify your parameters as to what you can do on your own to help your caller, and what you can’t do because of your company’s regulations and policies.

Using this strategy will give you a clearer gameplan of how you can influence your callers effectively.

Use the right words.

Be sure to use inviting words, or words that would convey genuine concern, sincerity, and confidence (among others).

Think along the lines of, “I’d be more than happy to help you with…”, or “I would probably feel the same if I were in your situation, allow me to help you by…”, “I am confident that I can help you with this…”.

The point is to make your callers feel that you value them. The moment they feel that you are treating them as a real human with real needs — and not just an account — is the same time where you’ll win their sympathy.

Acknowledge their thoughts

You can establish a level of trust between you and your callers by acknowledging their distress.

Letting them know that you are willing to hear where they are coming from provides them a feeling of security.

When they realize that you are listening to them with the intent of truly understanding their concerns, the chances of them accepting your solution drastically increases because they know that you formulated your solution based on your deep understanding about their problems.

Give your callers some context to the solutions that you offered.

Explain to your caller why you offered that particular solution. If applicable, discuss its alignment to the terms and conditions that they accepted, or if you have alternative options to offer, lay it on the table for consideration.

The deeper your understanding is about your product, and the dynamics of your company, the more context you can give to the solution that you are offering to your callers.

This in turn makes it easier for them to accept your solution.

Explain to your callers the benefits of accepting your solution.

Make them focus on the benefits of accepting the solutions you provided. A clear explanation of what they will gain from it, and possibly what they would lose if they choose not to accept it.

Keep the tone of your conversation positive and resolution-driven.


Influencing your callers to accept the solutions that you are offering, isn’t rocket science.

When you are equipped with ample amount of knowledge, and understanding about the business that you’re representing, you’ve already won, half of the battle.

The only thing remaining is for you to make sure that they end up accepting the solutions that you are proposing. Of course, if you’ll follow the tips that I shared, you’ll be able to do just that.
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