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How working at a Call Centre in the Philippines changed my career views

Before, I just wanted to work in the Philippines Outsourcing industry for two reasons, the first one was the fact that working in a call center would give me higher salary compared to any other establishments and the second one, was because I just like communicating. But when I started working in this industry, it was more than what I expected. This Philippines BPO and telemarketing company has opened my eyes to the real path of success. I could say that this is the easiest job yet exciting, that I just have to sit all night and listen to customers concerns. But sometimes, this could be very challenging but I’m good with it and I’m happy with how the company treats us in such a way that they anticipate our needs.


My call center in the Philippines provides us good amenities such as nice sleeping quarters and recreation areas. They also train us properly on how to deal with customers needs. It’s not just simply answering the customer’s queries but thinking out of the box to satisfy their needs. I also learned that in order to survive in this kind of job, we have to be patient enough, determined in what we do and most especially, stay healthy which is the most important. I have learned a lot from working in a call center and this learning will serve as my stepping stone in achieving my goal and dream. Well, in terms of success, I haven’t gone there yet but I believe that I’m on the right track.

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