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Inbound Agent Shares Tips on How to Save Money on Christmas

Christmas is a big holiday in the Philippines. It’s so huge that almost every Filipino really go out of their way and take time to prepare for this annual occasion. Gift giving has been part of our tradition but with our economy nowadays, it’s advisable to be practical and not to spend so much on gifts.


As an inbound call center agent, I admit that I receive more compensations than any other jobs. But still, I keep in mind that I don’t need to spend a lot on gifts. Here are some practical ways to save money.


Make a list. Shopping on the fly is a sure way to go over budget. Make a list of what you plan to buy for everyone before you hit the stores. Also jot down an estimate of how much you expect to spend on each gift.


Scale back. If your Christmas list grown to an unreasonable length, it’s time to start pruning. If you have a large extended family, consider buying a single gift for everyone in the family or only buying for the kids.


Shop early. When it comes to Christmas shopping, more time means more options. Make your shopping list out several months before Christmas and use the time cushion to comparison shop and watch for sales.


Set your own expectations. Stop doing what others want and start doing what you want. It’s okay to decide that you can’t afford to do for everyone. Put yourself first and you’ll be doing your finances a big favor.


Saving money at Christmas is worth doing. Set a budget for your family and enjoy a holiday season that’s free of financial worry.

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