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Inbound Call Center: A Service-Oriented Culture

Great customer service is about much more than merely serving customers; it is first and foremost a mindset, an attitude and a commitment. Many inbound call centers don’t realize this and tend to initiate customer service training programs that focus only on the actual skills and tools required for customer service. Without addressing the underlying attitudes, perceptions and beliefs about self, the world and work that shape behavior, change cannot be lasting. To develop customer loyalty, companies must realize that customer service is more than simply understanding and responding to your customer’s needs. It also requires a service-oriented company culture and employees who are committed to delivering exceptional care.

Gain commitment from the top.

Commitment starts at the top, with the business owner or manager.  Your interactions with customers set the tone for how the entire organization views customers.

Empower your employees.

You need to treat your employees the way you want them to treat your customers.  Respect them.  Offer encouragement and guidance.  Give them the right tools, equipment, and training to perform their jobs well.  Make sure they understand specifically what is expected of them.

Know your customers.

The best way to find out what your customers expect from you is to talk and interact with them. Review complaints, ask for feedback and listen to what your customers are saying.  If more than one has the same complaint, chances are there is something that needs to be addressed or a change that needs to be made.

Creating a great customer service strategy and building a customer oriented culture is more than just telling all your employees to smile. It moves beyond general, high-level advice about customer service and provides a true road map that employees, managers, and executives can follow to transform themselves and their organizations.

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