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Inbound Call Center Agent

Back when I was still in college I dreamed far from what I was supposed to have dreamed. I am a holder of a degree in BS Accountancy but I ended up working in a call center. So after I graduated college, I went to Cebu and submitted my application letter to an offshore call center. I was lucky and got the position as a customer service representative.


At first, I was caught red-handed when I asked permission from my mom, she was worried because I will be far from them and no one will look after me when I’m sick and when I have problems. But there’s nothing to be worried about because I was able to adopt in my new environment in night shift schedule.


“My name is Rain. How can I help you?”. This is the pseudo name I used when I take phone calls and the lines I speak with customers over the phone. I have worked for 2 years in an inbound call center and over a year now in an outbound call center in Cebu City, Philippines and I can attest that my life has indeed changed in terms of lifestyle, personal outlook and financial capability. I’m able to save for my future and for my family as well. I’m able to send my brothers and sisters to school now. I can enjoy life buying new clothes and shoes. I can now do the things that I could not do before.

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