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Inbound Call Center Agent: Showing Positivity at Work

As an inbound call center agent, I always face a lot of difficulties that is far different from the usual jobs that I know. Change of body clock that leads to lack of sleep. Unhealthy practices such as smoking, lack of exercise and junk foods. It is also a fact that working in a call centre causes stress due to a lot of calls, sales quota and irate customers. You may also encounter some danger from traveling at night since not everyone has its own vehicle. These maybe some of the negative things that an agent may face but if you think of the positive side, for sure that you would be thankful that you have this great job.


As we all know, every call center in the Philippines has a nice working environment, fully air-conditioned and comfortable work place, all you have to do is to take a seat and appreciate the beauty of your office. How about the free coffee and sleeping quarters? The health benefits and the higher compensation compared to other jobs. It is always grateful to work in a company that knows how to anticipate your needs as an employee. If you’re a party animal before and spend late nights at the bars until morning, why not work in call center instead? Same time that you usually spend but at least you’re earning. These are some few things that you would always be thankful of as being a part of the call center industry.

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