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Inbound Call Center: Courage of a Call Center Agent

Working in a Philippines call center takes a lot of skills.  It requires both knowledge and English proficiency.  You have to deal with a lot of people with different attitude that test your communication abilities as well. But for me, these can be learned, what matters most is how would you face your everyday task with guts.


After I graduated, I became curious as to how a call center operates and so I tried my luck.  Fortunately, I have a good English foundation and so I nailed my first job. It was a memorable experience.  Not only was it my first call center job, but it was my first job ever. At first, I was greatly intimidated but I learned the process very fast.  My experience as an inbound call center agent is very fulfilling in the sense that it boosted my confidence and it molded me into a more mature individual.  It gave me a sense of direction since working in this kind of industry means living a fast – paced lifestyle.  You could easily get swallowed by the speed of things happening around you if you are not being careful.  But I was able to overcome all of those obstacles not because I wanted to but because I needed to in order for me to grow. I have learned to forget my fears and to stand up for something I thought that I can’t do.  And now, I could say that this courage bring out the best in me as a call center agent.

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