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Inbound Call Center: Customer Loyalty

Customer service is critical in any business and customer satisfaction is not enough to ensure repeat business. Loyal customers are the best marketing in town. Improving customer loyalty will shine as a telemarketing tool while at the same time improve delivery of your service or products.

Thank customers for doing business with you.

Among the very best ways you can convey your appreciation to your customer is to personally and verbally, thank them for doing business with you.

Stay in contact with existing and past clients on a consistent basis.

By not forgetting them, they won’t forget you. Phone calls, note cards or postcards, newsletters, and email are only some ideas.

Anticipate customers’ needs.

Delivering more than they expect is one of the most powerful ways to gain customer loyalty.


Listening to your customers can revolutionize your business. Asking them for feedback allows you to get deeper insight into how they feel about your business, and what you can do to make it better.

Make realistic promises—and be consistent.

Keeping promises and delivering consistent results is a key to proving the reliability of your company, product or service, and this is a major intangible business value.

Share information.

Send pertinent articles or information that may be valuable or simply interesting to a client. Always look for ways to help customers learn.

Give referrals to clients.

Send business back to a client whenever possible, and let them know you are doing it.

Explain how things work.

If you’re in outbound call center, when you sell a product, show how to use it. If you sell a service, explain what the customer can do to maximize its value.

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