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Inbound Call Center: Advancement in Customer Service

It’s 2011 already and customer service is still the most important issue especially for small business owners. Customers learn to demand more. They know that the product that they side with will need their patronage in the long run. So their demands for better inbound call center are going up with time. The sense of weakness in service will go for a toss in 2011 that’s why it’s very important for every company to know some customer service trends this year.


Online methods of customer service will be in focus. Customers often prefer to write to the customer care email id. The BPO has to answer these emails. They may leave comments on the website, on the blog, on forums or on the discussion board. If your brand has a social media presence, users may use that platform to connect with you as well.


Customer service has become the new marketing. Small business owners used to be afraid that a dissatisfied customer would tell 7 people. Now, through social media sites, they can tell 7 million people. On the flip side, “raving fans” can be your biggest source of new business as they tell everyone how great your company is. Consumers believe what their peers say about your company more than they believe any of your own paid advertising.


The time to react to your customer is shrinking. In this 24/7 instant gratification world, the time in which your customer expects you to be able to resolve their problem is getting smaller. Most customers expect to be able to reach you 24/7, and for you to resolve their concern on the very first call or at least the same day.

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