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Inbound Call Center: Excellent Leaders

Company culture is the distinctive personality of the organization. It determines how members act, how energetically they contribute to teamwork, problem solving, innovation, customer service, productivity, and quality. It is simple to build an engaging culture. In today’s competitive business environment, with the added stress of the economic state, keeping your employees motivated and optimistic is more important than ever.

Each time you communicate with a superior or subordinate, you convey your mood to them, and that mood will affect their own. If leaders want people to be engaged, engage them. If leaders want people to be involved, involve them. If managers want good communications and relationships, they communicate and establish good relationships. If leaders want people to be efficient and productive, they help employees understand their financial and production environment.

Effective leaders keep the mission in front of their employees throughout the hiring process and new hire and ongoing training, and they see every communication opportunity as one more tool to keep the mission on the radar. Today’s inbound call center leaders must rely on the skills of a facilitator. The effective call center leader sees call center representatives as partners in coming up with new ways to delight customers.

An important behavior of effective Philippine call center leaders is that they never let the coaching moment go. If there’s a call center performance issue, they handle it without delay. They let strong performers know that their call center performance is truly appreciated. Leaders who truly unleash the excellence of their organizations are those who see every day as an opportunity to become a better call center leader.

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