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Inbound Call Center: Motivating Employees

Working as a customer service representative can be a very challenging position for many reasons. In an inbound call center, for example, employees must deal with a relentless stream of difficult customers, while having most of their actions micromanaged and monitored. Under such conditions, it is not rare to encounter low morale and a total lack of enthusiasm for the job at hand.

The force behind the desire to work is motivation which in turn generates from a number of factors. Some of the factors include cash and non-cash incentives, appreciation for good performance, friendly workplace environment, career growth opportunities and involvement in the matters of the company. You should reward your employees according to their achievements, capability and qualification.

Self appraisal is the new concept that is being adopted by many companies. In this, employees are allowed to judge themselves and sort out ways to overcome their weaknesses. Employee feedback is also necessary to know the real situation of the working conditions. Employees also expect continuous growth in their career. They look for opportunities that will promote them to higher positions. You should introduce training programs that will help your employees to learn new skills and techniques in their field. You should also give special attention to employees who are low on self esteem.

Try to create a positive work atmosphere for them. Make them realize that they are also important for the organization like any other employee. All these factors motivate people to give their best and also keep the attrition rate low. They are happy and satisfied with their organizations under these motivating factors.  On the other hand, some employees are self-motivated. They are driven by their own passion, determination and devotion to perform their very best.

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