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How To Motivate Your Team in Inbound Call Center

Call center - Team Motivation
Call center - Team Motivation
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Motivation techniques are often omitted from inbound team training. Practical sales skill training in call center is easier to present, and doesn’t require the same research and preparation time. Motivating customer service agent requires regular blasts of effective training, belief changing viewpoints, and support and ideas on goal setting.

Use Your People.

You might be tempted to hire employees outside of your small business, but an in-house sales force offers you more control, and at the same time more flexibility. The closer you keep your sales people, the better your marketing will be.

Choose your staff wisely.

Simply because someone is a “smooth talker”, does not mean that individual can sell your product. To find the real cream of the crop you must first evaluate the candidate to see if he or she has these qualities: financially motivated, excited to expand their knowledge, self-assured, determined and focused.

Sales Team Training – Coach, Educate, and Guide your sales and telemarketing team.

The most important thing in sales is to knowing your product. Nobody wants to buy a product that they are uneasy about. Your inbound and telemarketing team needs to be confident in what they sell. Encourage your sales and marketing team to seek additional training to further educate them in specific areas of expertise.

Non-financial motivation.

Listen to your sales team and appreciate them for the hard work that they are doing to help establish your small business. Paid holidays, maternity leave and other benefit packages such as medical and dental, are all great incentives to work hard for your small business, and to stick with it in the long run. Call us today to find out how we can help you optimize productivity, deliver a better customer experience and provide outsourced customer service.

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