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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of the frequently asked questions you may have about our services. Please feel free to contact us to further discuss your needs to see if Executive Boutique is a good fit for your company.

How much do Executive Boutique’s services cost?
Executive Boutique’s services cost less than what you may expect for top-quality business support. The exact cost depends on factors such as the number of agents, the nature of the service we provide, and the technical skill requirement for each agent. Executive Boutique’s all-inclusive price covers all recruiting, labor, equipment and overhead charges. We have no start-up fee or other hidden fees. Contact us for a free quote.
Do you accept campaigns on a performance basis fee structure?
We are not currently accepting any “pay for performance” only campaigns.
Do Executive Boutique’s agents have an accent?
Executive Boutique agents are carefully screened for superior verbal and written communication skills, and have very little or no accent. We selected the Philippines as our outsourcing center because it is the third-largest English-speaking nation in the world. Schools and universities are taught in English with American pronunciation and usage. In addition, all Executive Boutique agents have completed call center training courses that include additional instruction on how to neutralize and smooth over any accent.
Can I hear how the agents speak?
Yes, we have sample voice recordings that you can listen to on our Website [add hyperlink]. We can also send you recordings of the actual prospective agents for your account reading a sample roleplay script for your type of calls. Finally, if requested, we can schedule a time for you to speak directly with each of the agents assigned to your account before they begin work to ensure your 100% satisfaction.
Why is the Philippines a good locale for an outsourced call center and business support center?
The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country in the world, has an excellent educational system, and produces more than 400,000 college graduates each year. Filipinos have a well-deserved reputation as hard workers and excellent employees. They have a positive attitude toward relationship building with customers and co-workers. In addition, Filipinos have a strong cultural affinity with the United States. They enjoy watching American television and listening to American music. Most of the world’s most successful companies including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, T-Mobile, IBM, United Health Group and AOL have outsourced some of their customer support services to the Philippines.
Will my customers know that calls are coming from or going to the Philippines?
Your customers, clients, and prospects should not be able to tell that the agents they are talking with are based in the Philippines. Your agents can be assigned area codes and telephone caller ID from any area that you choose. Our telephone lines transmit excellent quality — as if the call was placed from next door. And our agents have little to no accent. Every aspect of Executive Boutique has been designed to meet the highest standards for American businesses but at much less cost.
Will the agents working for me also be working for other clients at the same time?
No, each agent is assigned to work exclusively for one client at a time. Our goal is for you to view our agents as a dedicated extension of your office staff.


Organizational Information

Where is your main office’s address?
Cebu IT Park, i1 Building, 10th and 7th floors, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000

General Call Centre Size and Type of Services

What is the total number of seats in the call center?
Currently we have 950 seats, though we have the ability to increase seating capacity on relatively short notice.
What is the ratio of agents to supervisors?
Approximately 1 Team Lead to 15 direct agents.
Current Hours of operation and availability?
We operate 24/7.
Are agents dedicated or shared between customers?
Agents will be dedicated to your business. We do not handle any shared support services.
What is the ratio of inbound to outbound services?
50% Inbound 50% outbound

Telecom Infrastructure

Describe the technology infrastructure of the call center.
Executive Boutique has fully redundant internet lines and backup with the top three providers in the Philippines. Our internal network is protected with a firewall and monitored daily for performance and security. We use Microsoft Active Directory for access control and authentication on our local network. Our servers run Microsoft Server and our desktops are Microsoft Windows 10 professional. All servers and desktops have virus scan software that is updated daily. Our network data is backed up every day and we have 24/7 in-house IT support.
What type of telephone system do you use?
Executive Boutique utilizes a number of state-of-the-art VoIP telephone systems including Five9, RingCentral, Convoso, and 3CX. The sound quality is excellent and transmits at less than 200 ms so there is no detectable delay. It sounds as good as traditional landlines. You can arrange for a demonstration before you commit to work with us.
What type of predictive Dialer are you using?
Executive Boutique utilizes a number of state-of-the-art predictive dialers including Five9, Nice/InContact, and Convoso. Dialers include feature-rich software packages such as a flexible scripting program for branch logic scripting, detailed reporting and full recording of all calls. The dialers can be programmed to send out SMS and emails in connection with your campaign. Predictive dialers are used strictly in compliance with all telemarketing laws.
What is your internet bandwidth?
Our primary and backup ISPs each have a bandwidth of 100Mbps.
What is the quality of the telephone lines?
We have an excellent connection for calls into and out of the US, UK, CA, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong with a latency rate well within the acceptable range for clear communication. Our VOIP system is authenticated with several top telecom carriers providing service for all of the Countries we service.

Software Systems/Cloud-Based System

What CRM are you using?
Currently our B2B customers are using Salesforce, Zoho, and ZenDesk. Accounts are setup and paid for by our clients. Our agents login under the client account that are established for the agent.
(For Customer Support and Tech Support services), will the agents have access to our CRM or ticketing system?
Yes, all agents are sitting at full function workstations with a broadband internet connection. Our security systems blocks agent access to all websites, except the sites that have been white-listed for their use in connection with the service they are providing to clients.
(For lead generation campaigns) Do you have a lead management system for real-time lead posting?
Yes, we have a web-based lead management system that can automatically distribute leads to our clients in real time, based on any criteria, degree of interest, including lead score, geography or any other data. Leads can be sent by HTML email, plain text email GET post or, HTTP post.
Can your system make a warm call transfer to a 3rd party?
Yes, our dialer allow for a “warm transfer” of a call, meaning our agent introduces the customer to the outside agent and then drops off the call, leaving the outside agent and the customer to continue the call.
Can your system leave a prerecorded message when it connects with an answering machine?
Yes, for outbound campaigns, our dialer can automatically recognize when the call is picked up by an answering machine and leave a pre-recorded message. This allows the agents to be free to speak to live answered calls, but still leaves a message for the prospect. This technology is not available/permitted for calls to mobile phones.
Does your system automatically record all calls and store them for access by client? If so, how are they accessible and how are they organized for easy access?
Yes, all calls from the dialer are recorded and uploaded to our FTP server. Calls are organized by date of call and disposition of call. Our database can be searched by telephone number and name as well. Clients are given access to a password protected folder setup for each client on our FTP server to access their calls. Call recording is done in compliance with all State laws requiring notification to the other party.
Do your systems include programmable Interactive Scripting (with branch logic) to insure agent consistency in messaging and responses to questions?
Yes, we have the ability to program complex interactive scripts that are easily navigated by the agents. This allows us to tightly calibrate exactly what is said on every call in such cases when consistency is needed.

Backup Systems

Do you have a backup Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the event of outages?
Yes, we have three separate ISP’s in providing our internet service. In the unlikely event that one (or even two) go down, we can quickly switch to the other ISP.
What is the structure of your backup electric system (generators, UPS etc.)?
Our building is located in the newest and largest office park in Cebu. Cebu IT Park has backup generators providing service to the Office Park. In addition, our building has two backup generators providing backup electric service for the building. Finally, each workstation and our servers are protected by uninterrupted power systems (UPS) that protects our servers and each workstation from any short interruption in electric power.

Physical Security Measures

What physical security measures are in place to limit access to the call center to authorized personnel?
The building in which our offices are located on the 10th and 7th floor has 24/7 security including: (i) security guard at all building entrances, (ii) front desk attendant, (iii) video-monitoring and (iv) access is restricted to badge holders and guests with proper ID and clearance. Our office entrance and space is further secured by (i) 24/7 security guards, (ii) video monitoring, and (iii) access restricted to badge holders who clock in and out with a biometric fingerprint scanner tied to our HR software.

Data Security Policy

What is your data security policy?
Executive Boutique takes computer and personnel security seriously and we have safeguards and procedures in place to protect the integrity, availability and confidentiality of our client’s data. In many cases, security ultimately comes down to individual employees. We take the time to know the people working for us and provide them with the tools to keep our workplace safe and secure. Below is a summary of the key elements of our security procedures. • Our entire computer system undergoes an annual security audit by a US based 3rd party security company. The audit is done in conjunction with the issuance of our PCI Certification that allows us to process credit card transactions for our customers. • All of our employees have NBI (National Bureau of Investigations) clearance in the Philippines. • We screen our employees closely before employment and during their tenure with us. • Our employees read and sign our Computer Security and anti-fraud policy. • Employees working on campaigns that involve credit card transactions are located in a secure, video-monitored area and agents are strictly forbidden from bringing cell phones, writing instruments or storage devices into this area. • Agent’s computers have limited and restricted access to the internet. • All servers and workstations run Virus Scan software that is updated daily. • We use Microsoft Active Directory for access control and authentication on our local network. • Our data files are securely backed up daily. • Our internal network is protected with a firewall and monitored daily for performance and security. • We have a strict computer security policy that is enforced and monitored by our IT Staff.

Hiring, Training and Retention Procedures for Agents

What is your agent hiring and recruiting procedures?
Our HR team follows strict hiring procedures to insure that we hire only the best possible candidates to serve our clients’ needs. Our employee interview and screening procedures include the following: each resume is thoroughly reviewed and all prior work and educational references are checked. All successful candidates are required to: (i) pass oral and written communication tests, and score above average on our EQ and IQ tests, (ii) have at least a college level education and prior call center experience, (iii) obtain NBI (National Bureau of Investigations) clearance in the Philippines, and (iv) complete a medical screening test. Our hiring procedures are fully in compliance with all legal and ethical standards.
What is the standard hiring profile and minimum skill requirements for agents (i.e. education level, prior experience, etc.)?
Generally all agents have complete at least 2 years of college and have prior call center experience, generally at one or more large call centers.
What pool of labor does your company typically draw from in the community (i.e. nearby colleges; nearby competitors)?
Most candidates come from large call centers in Cebu. Prior to that they have attended college (usually in Cebu or neighboring islands).
What is your training procedure for new agents?
Executive Boutique has a very experienced team of trainers that work closely with our clients and agents to ensure that our agents have the skills, tools and experience necessary to provide first rate service to our clients. All of our carefully-selected agents have prior call center experience and have completed base training in their prior positions. Our customers expect us to deliver seamless service, thus our training process includes: (i) orientation training (1-2 days); (ii) client product training (“CPT”), and (iii) constant up-trainings. Across all layers, we implement experience based training. CPT timelines vary depending on a number of factors including the complexity of the client/product knowledge and the prior experience of the agent. Our typical CPT runs from one to six weeks in length.
What is your turnover rate for agents?
Our monthly turnover rate for the past 12 months averages approximately 3%, which is well below the industry average. We attribute this to the positive work environment we try to create along with our focus on employee morale.
What morale building programs to you offer to your agents?
We take moral and teamwork building seriously and provide a substantial budget for it. In fact, we have created a formal position for our Chief Morale Office” who oversees a sizable staff to help plan and implement our company activities. We have quarterly parties for the entire staff which include team building activities. We have a formal year-end holiday party where awards and prizes are given to people identified as deserving special recognition. In addition, each team is given a budget to plan their own team building outings. Furthermore, many of our campaigns include performance bonuses that help keep the agents highly motivated.

Setup and Launch Procedures for New Accounts

Can we conduct interviews and select specific agents for our campaigns/services?
Yes, we will identify a group of agents that we feel are qualified for the job and then set up telephone interviews. Usually those interviews include a role play so that the prospective customer can hear what each agent sounds like. If the job requires specific computer skills, we can set up advance testing prior to interviews.
What are your client specific training procedures?
Executive Boutique’s trainers would work closely with your company to oversee the training of the agents and manager. While we encourage clients to visit our office during the training period to train in person, most training can be done over Zoom or other web-based screen sharing service. Our training rooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art projectors or large screen monitors. Training can also be conducted with each agent sitting at their work station. Training materials are generally provided to us by the client in advance of the start of training so that we can assist in the preparation of training modules and gauge the time necessary to complete the training. We use role plays, simulations and test calls as part of all training exercises. In addition, we also include outlines for agent procedures such as call scripts, call handling procedures and customer management.
Are clients encouraged to visit for on-site training?
Yes, though it is not required and most clients train over the phone using a screen sharing program.
What tools do you use to facilitate remote training by client?
Zoom, Google Meetings, MS Teams and GoToMeeting.
Do you assist in the preparation of the training materials and scripts?
Yes, if requested, we review and comment on the client-prepared materials.

Quality Assurance/Call Monitoring

Describe your QA “quality assurance” practices and internal evaluation process for agents?
The QA process varies from client to client depending on each client’s needs. Some campaigns have dedicated QA monitors that do continual monitoring and evaluations. Other clients choose to do their own QA monitoring using our monitoring software. QA standards and scoring sheets are set up for each account and include criteria such as: •Rebuttal and Objection Handling •Energy and Attitude •Improper Use of Filler Words: •Pronunciation and Articulation: •Speed and Pace •Listening Skills •Professionalism •Disposition and Documentation •Process Adherence •Dialing Readiness Internally we do regular evaluations of agent performance by their team leader and this information is used during the agent evaluation process.
Describe how call monitoring is handled both on and off-site?
On-site and offsite monitoring can be done through the “monitoring” feature on our dialer that allows supervisors to listen in on calls and “barge in” if needed. On-site we also do side-by-side coaching which includes monitoring using a dual headphone connection to the calls. In addition, most QA is done by listening to call recordings of a certain percentage of each agent’s calls and scoring the calls against a predetermined set of criteria.
Are call recordings archived and available for client review and for how long?
Yes, all calls are recorded and maintained for as long as the client needs them.

Account Management Structure

How will our account be managed on a day-to-day basis?
What is the structure of the management team? Each account is managed by team leader(s) at a ratio of approximately 1 to 15. The team leader reports directly to the director of operations for the center and the director of operations reports to the president. Each team is supported by our Director of Client Services, IT Department, Training manager, and QA monitors. Our client’s also have direct access to communicate with the team leaders, managers and staff members dedicated to their account.
Who will be primarily responsible for our account and how will we communicate with them?
The team leader is primarily responsible and may be contacted by phone, email or chat. However, the Director of Client Services, Director of Operations and the President take an active role in overseeing each account.
Will our account manager have a local phone number for us to call?
Yes, they can be assigned a local phone number.
Will we be able to chat online with our account manager in real-time?
Yes, we can use any chat program the client is currently using including, Slack, MS Teams and Skype.

Performance Measurements and Reporting Capabilities

What KPI (Key Performance Indicators) will be used to judge the effectiveness of your services?
Specific KPI are established for each client after consultation with the client and usually some pilot period. An example of KPIs for a typical blended inbound/outbound campaign would include items such as: Number of accounts processed Number of calls answered Average Handling Time Total Talk Time Total Pause Time Sales/Lead Conversion Rate Daily QA Score – We gauge the agent soft skills, call handling ability and attitude towards work based on numerous criteria (see QA standards above).
What types of KPI reporting and capabilities does your system provide?
The dialers all have feature rich reporting capability that can be further customized as needed. A partial list of standard reports include: Productivity and Service level Reports Team Occupancy Report Speed of Answer and Abandon Rate Report List Conversion and Disposition Reports Standard break adherence monitoring capability Call transfer monitoring Report Agent Real-time Report (per campaign) Agent Performance Detail Campaign Call Report Lead Performance by Campaign Report Lead Performance by List Report
Can you provide sample activity reports?
Yes we can.

Service Contract Terms

Can you provide a copy of your standard form of agreement?
Yes we can.
Is there a minimum term?
We work on a month-to-month basis with a 30 day minimum trial period. For larger accounts there is a longer lead-time required for cancellation (60-90 days).
Is there a minimum number of agents we need to hire?
We generally require a minimum of 5 agents, but have made some exceptions to this if we think there is an opportunity to grow in the future.
What is your cancellation policy? How many days’ notice is required?
We require 30 days notice for cancellation.
Are there any set-up fees?
No. We do not charge a set-up fee.
Do you charge for the agent’s computer or other workstation hardware?
No, we pay for all standard computer hardware.

Pricing Structure

What is your pricing structure? Monthly, Hourly, Per minute?
We charge on an hourly basis per agent.
Are there any fees in addition to the base service fees?
The only additional fees are telecom charges in certain countries outside of the US where telephone charges exceed $0.01 per minute.
Do you allow additional bonuses to be paid by the customer to the agents?
Yes we do.
Do you have an agent bonus incentive plan built into your rate structure?
Yes we do.
Do you pay for health insurance for your agents?
Yes we do.


Prior to executing an agreement, will you be able to provide references from current customers?
Yes we can.

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