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Marketing Outsourcing

In today’s digital landscape, marketing needs are changing all the time. New social platforms, enhancements to search engine algorithms, and quickly shifting trends make it necessary for businesses to constantly stay atop of their marketing efforts. However, this doesn’t mean you need to blow your budget scaling up your team or adding a marketing department to your business. Instead, you can seek an alternative option—outsourcing marketing activities.

Choose the Right Marketing Outsourcing Team

If your business is looking for help with marketing, choosing the right third-party company can make a big difference in your return on investment. Partnering with our trained staff from overseas allows you to implement expert marketing strategies at a fraction of the rate of hiring local talent. At Executive Boutique Call Center, our Philippines-based office employs highly-qualified marketing experts to assist you and your staff in meeting your marketing goals and increasing social media exposure, customer conversion, and ROI. Call us today to see how we can serve you!

Outsourced Marketing Solutions

What marketing responsibilities can your company outsource to Executive Boutique? We can manage all or a select portion of your marketing needs, from the daily tasks of email campaigning to building, implementing, and reporting on a complete market strategy. The tasks you outsource depend on the needs of your company and what will benefit you the most.

Whether you want the whole package or help with individual marketing projects, here are some examples of what marketing outsourcing could like for your company:

  • Market strategy
    • Developing and implanting a complete marketing strategy
    • Recording and reporting on the metrics from the campaigns
    • Providing advice, consultation, and recommendations throughout campaigns
  • Social Media & Blogs
    • Creating and designing social media profiles
    • Managing a content calendar
    • Publishing blogs and social media posts with unique content, graphics, and more
    • Increasing following, engagement, conversions, and other metrics
    • Monitoring metrics
    • Running paid advertising campaigns
  • Email campaigns
    • Setting up and initiating campaigns
    • Developing copy, images, and graphics
    • Tracking clicks, success rates, and more
  • Websites
    • Designing, building, and hosting website
    • Developing and advertising promotional landing pages
    • Creating unique content and images
    • Tracking and reporting website metrics
    • Monitoring and managing issues
  • Online advertising
    • Managing ad placements
    • Writing copy and creating graphics
    • Reporting out on metrics
  • Branding
    • Logo design
    • Creating a brand voice
    • Setting brand standards for content, colors, text, and more
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Researching valuable keyword opportunities
    • Creating content and adjusting back-end of website for SEO
    • Monitoring effectiveness of SEO strategy
  • Metric reporting
    • Analyzing metrics from various platforms
    • Creating easy-to-read reports on the metrics that matter
    • Pointing out successes and opportunities
  • Marketing automation
    • Creating and managing marketing funnels
    • Converting visitors to leads
  • In-depth market research
    • Researching target audiences
    • Monitoring customer responses
    • Surveying audience members for reactions
  • Public relations
    • Creating press releases
    • Pitching media
    • Developing publicity campaigns
    • Collecting data for media reports

Reasons to outsource digital marketing

Companies of all sizes and industries are beginning to see the value in outsourced marketing solutions. Third-party partners can take on a range of roles, from leading your marketing efforts to simply assisting your current marketing team while you keep the strategy planning in-house. Even marketing agencies may rely on a third party to assist with overflow or to take care of the mundane, tedious tasks that keep their staff from working on what’s important.

What’s your company’s reason to outsource?

  • You’re a start-up that wants to make a big splash on the market but can’t afford to hire in-house.
  • You want to build your social and digital presence but don’t have the time or knowledge it takes to grow a quality following.
  • You’re looking for a high-quality marketing strategy to beat out competitors and elevate your brand.
  • You have a marketing team, but they’re overwhelmed trying to keep up with the tedious tasks of setting up email campaigns or pulling reports.

Benefits of outsourcing marketing activities

  • Access to a full staff of marketing experts
  • Ability to quickly grow your team for large portions or new releases
  • Having a professional and effective marketing strategy
  • Understanding exactly what your marketing efforts are doing for you
  • Never having to worry about the time and money it takes to find, hire, and train qualified staff
  • Reaching more customers and quickly growing your business
  • Freeing your employees to focus on the core components of their job
  • Gaining edge over your competitors
  • Achieve higher quality at a lower rate

Outsourcing marketing activities to Executive Boutique gives you access to expert staff, new technologies and techniques, and a professional and effective marketing plan­—all without the expensive task of building and training a team in-house. Call us today to learn more about how we can help your business rise to new heights!

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