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No matter the industry, it’s the goal of every company to expand its business operations through customer retention and acquiring new clientele. To keep the people you serve happy, you have to be available to address questions, concerns, and resolve a number of issues that range from IT to billing. This is where a call center comes in; fortunately, this is also one of the aspects of daily business operations you can outsource.

How Does a Third-Party Call Center Work?

Third-party call center services operate just like an in-house customer service team. They operate remotely, take phone calls, and chat with customers online to quickly resolve issues. They tackle the same duties as an in-house call center. They can resolve most issues without having to transfer the call to a member of your team:

  • Billing/invoicing
  • Product delivery status
  • Technical issues
  • Service upgrade/downgrade
  • Canceling or renewing a plan
  • Switching payment method

Data shows that 78% of companies that outsource to third-party agencies are satisfied with the arrangement. 42% of companies in North America also outsource to some extent, as do 35% of companies in Europe and the Middle East.

Why Outsource Call Center Duties?

Saving money is one of the key benefits of third-party outsourcing, as your company saves the cost of assembling a full-time internal staff. For the agency that you outsource to, customer support is its specialty. The men and women that take phone calls and online chat on your behalf are trained in customer interaction and are dedicated to their satisfaction.

Call Center Services in the Philippines

More companies are outsourcing overseas to countries like the Philippines, where Executive Boutique operates. Outsourcing costs are far more affordable and scalable. Our third-party call center team can be on call 24/7 and can expand to larger numbers during high volume periods. If launching a new product, for example, you can increase the number of call takers in anticipation of increased customer queries. Scale back down once the demand recedes.

Regardless of your industry and location of operation, give Executive Boutique a call today to discuss our call center services in the Philippines. We provide highly trained men and women with years of experience in guest service.

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