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Green Company: Action on Climate Change

The warming of the climate system is explicit. It expects that temperature extremes, heat waves and heavy rains will continue to escalate in terms of both frequency and intensity and that the earth’s temperature and seas will keep on rising. Continued emission of greenhouse gases is expected to cause further warming and changes in the global climate system. All aspects of life, the ecosystem, food, settlements and health are expected to be impacted. This should be a warning to every human being but it’s not too late to act.


Businesses can be a green company and can take a lead role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by implementing actions that save money, improve productivity, protect the environment and increase the nation’s energy security. There are specific actions that businesses like call centre can do to reduce gas emissions while also saving money. One way is to educate themselves, their customers and their suppliers on the possible effects of future climate change. Developing and implementing an effective corporate energy management program allows companies to manage energy with the same expertise used to manage other aspects of their business. Leading businesses can provide a powerful example promoting greenhouse gas reduction strategies through corporate incentives such as financial assistance for employees who use public transportation, car-pooling and even telecommuting. Other green practices such as recycling and purchasing recycled materials also contribute to emissions reductions. Corporate policies involving employees and day-to-day operations can have a positive impact on the climate in and outside the office.

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