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Call Center in the Philippines: Green Office Tips

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Many Philippine call centers talk about social responsibility but how many of them actually understand that? Unfortunately, when it comes to deciding profits and the environment, the last is often loses.  But, despite this, a few call centers in the Philippines are proving that eco-friendliness and profitability do go hand in hand. Going green at the office can be very effective in demonstrating practical benefits of being environmentally friendly as well as saving business money.

Say it through e-mail.

E-mail and instant messaging make interoffice communications quicker and easier than distributing paper memos. E-mail newsletter distribution means your customers receive information about your business sooner. Your company can use social media similarly, by offering promo codes and discounts for mentioning tweets and other messages from your business.

Making paper cuts.

Print and copy on both sides of the paper whenever possible, and post instructions near the copy machine and printers to eliminate excuses. Or consider making this the default option on office equipment. Use a smaller font to print documents when possible. Reduce junk mail in a variety of ways.

Use it again.

In situations where maintaining your corporate image is not necessary, re-use envelopes. Cover your address with a mailing label, or buy specially designed labels that identify the envelope as “recycled.” This habit may even boost your image as a “green company”. When you receive packages, keep bubble wrap and other packing materials for re-use.

Think before you buy.

Ask inbound and telemarketing agents to bring in their own mugs instead of stocking the break room with styrofoam cups. Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible, and buy recycled printer ink. Bulk purchases can save your business money, but wasting supplies is never an efficient use of your company’s funds.

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Eco Friendly Practices in Philippine Call Center

Maybe, we think that the only thing green about business was the color of money. This is definitely wrong. We live in a time when corporate responsibility is a household word. Environmental policies of green companies can hold as much importance as advertising campaigns.

As Philippine telemarketing agents, we spend nearly a third of our waking lives at our places of work. Our activities there can have as much effect on the environment as what we do at home, but few among us think a great deal about it. While some of these ideas can, and should, be instituted at a desk-side level, many of them require the buy-in of management to make them effective, and often even possible.

This can be done by forming a “green team”. A team approach will help to ensure the success of your recycling program. Encourage participation, and allow input, from all staff. Make it fun. Distribute fact sheets, offer incentives, or host promotional events. Keep all staff informed of the results of their efforts. Provide recycling bins in the photocopy room and lunch room, and replace work station garbage cans with recycling bins. Set up an e-filing system and encourage people to e-file rather than print out hard copies of emails and documents. As well, office supply catalogues aren’t necessary, as most products can be searched and purchased online.

People need to work towards change, towards sustainability in all walks of their life, both at home and at work. Instituting a few green changes at Philippine call center can be a part of the solution, and will help to increase awareness at the very least. And perhaps this increased awareness can carry over into the personal lives of more people.




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Philippine Call Center: Job Satisfaction

It’s a fact that call center in the Philippines is growing rapidly because of its competitive advantage. For the past decade, the Philippines has been an attractive call-center destination due to its educated, English-speaking population employing 350,000 workers. This has opened doors for many job seekers who want to pursue their call center career. It is no doubt that many Philippine call center agents are enjoying the benefits of choosing such job but on the other hand, some don’t seem to understand their roles and expectations at all that leads to job dissatisfaction.

Employee satisfaction and retention have always been important issues for call center industry. After all, high levels of absenteeism and staff turnover can affect your bottom line, as temps, recruitment and retraining take their toll. But few practices have made job satisfaction a top priority, perhaps because they have failed to understand the significant opportunity that lies in front of them. Satisfied employees tend to be more productive, creative and committed to their company.

Call centers that can create work environments that attract, motivate and retain hard-working individuals will be better positioned to succeed. Call center management even discover that by creating a positive workplace for their employees, they’ve increased their own job satisfaction as well. We all know that the biggest issue in call center is work burnout. Repetitive call every day, lack of sleep, dealing with difficult customers – these are some of the few things that affect call center agents perception about their work. However, if the management will be able to deal with these problems, call center agents will more likely to stay and enjoy their jobs to its fullest.

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Green Company: Action on Climate Change

The warming of the climate system is explicit. It expects that temperature extremes, heat waves and heavy rains will continue to escalate in terms of both frequency and intensity and that the earth’s temperature and seas will keep on rising. Continued emission of greenhouse gases is expected to cause further warming and changes in the global climate system. All aspects of life, the ecosystem, food, settlements and health are expected to be impacted. This should be a warning to every human being but it’s not too late to act.

Businesses can be a green company and can take a lead role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution by implementing actions that save money, improve productivity, protect the environment and increase the nation’s energy security. There are specific actions that businesses like call centre can do to reduce gas emissions while also saving money. One way is to educate themselves, their customers and their suppliers on the possible effects of future climate change. Developing and implementing an effective corporate energy management program allows companies to manage energy with the same expertise used to manage other aspects of their business. Leading businesses can provide a powerful example promoting greenhouse gas reduction strategies through corporate incentives such as financial assistance for employees who use public transportation, car-pooling and even telecommuting. Other green practices such as recycling and purchasing recycled materials also contribute to emissions reductions. Corporate policies involving employees and day-to-day operations can have a positive impact on the climate in and outside the office.

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