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Qualities of the Best Call Centers in the Philippines

Listen to our agentsTop-notch customer service is pivotal for any business to succeed. Today’s customer demands not only superior service across a variety of channels, but instant access to the information and answers they need. Organizations that are unable to provide this level of service, be it after-hours support or dealing with billing inquiries, will invariably lose customers and future sales.

Businesses across a broad range of industries have much to gain by outsourcing their call overflow to the Philippines, where there’s a highly educated workforce and labor costs are significantly lower. Thanks to its expansive technological infrastructure and diverse talent pool, the Philippines is now the world’s call center capital.

The top 10 call centers in the Philippines do much more than schedule appointments or field customer complaints. A leading inbound call center has agents who obtain valuable feedback, strengthen brand awareness and provide a seamless, positive experience that fosters customer loyalty.

Features of the best call centers in the Philippines

One of the Philippines’ biggest assets is its young and upwardly mobile population, the majority of whom hold university degrees. English is a first language for most Filipinos, which is spoken with a neutral accent, much like that in the United States.

Some of the best call centers in the Philippines share similar qualities and performance metrics. Companies seeking to improve customer management with an outsourcing partner should look for the following characteristics.


The top call centers understand the importance of flexibility. They work with you to develop a solution that is compatible with your current and anticipated needs, your budget and your brand. They are fully equipped to support a broad range of industries, including hospitality, retail, E-commerce, finances, healthcare, insurance and others.

Diverse Expertise

Call centers that invest in their employees, hiring those with college educations and training across specialized fields, provide access to a diverse talent pool.

Advanced Technological Infrastructure

A cutting-edge telecom infrastructure with redundant Internet lines, IVR technology and a hybrid VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone systems that can be customized according to client needs.

Superior Quality Assurance Practices

Monitoring for professionalism, listening skills, process adherence and attitude are integral for inbound call quality assurance. The best call centers perform routine internal evaluations for agent performance and also employ QA monitoring software.

Performance Metrics

Want to know how effectively call center agents use their time, how quickly calls are resolved, or the average response and handling times? The most successful call centers work with clients to develop specific key performance indicators (KPI), which provide rich insight into the productivity and success of a campaign.

EB Call Center Philippines – a Leading Outsourcing Partner

Executive Boutique is proud to offer results-driven solutions to dozens of companies worldwide. Take your customer service and profits to the next level by partnering with a reputable inbound call center in the Philippines. Reach out to our Cebu IT offices to learn more about our customer support services or to request a free quote.

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