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Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound call center services can be pivotal for any company, regardless of its size, that wants to expand its market reach and grow its customer base. Maintaining contact with potential and existing customers can be a monumental task and a major resource drain for your business. Why not outsource outbound calling to a provider who has the experience and ready-made infrastructure to handle all of your customer outreach needs at an affordable cost? Save your in-house staff tremendous time and bandwidth by partnering with Executive Boutique for outbound calling services.

The Value of Outbound Call Outsourcing

What is the definition of outbound calling? It means initiating contact with your client base. Outbound calls can serve a variety of purposes, from telemarketing to sales calls, updating your contact list, collecting survey data, following up with your social media and email campaigns, and more. Do you have a new product or service that you want your customers to be aware of? A robust outbound contact strategy can keep your customer base informed and engaged, increasing “outbound sales” and growing ROI for your business.

Outbound calling requires you to be proactive. Many companies, however, do not have the dedicated staff or resources to adequately handle inbound calls (responding to enquiries from calls they receive), much less outbound ones. This is why more businesses in all industries are outsourcing these tasks to third-party services like Executive Boutique.

Outbound calls are necessary for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and retention. Data shows that approximately 9% of customers that receive outbound calls are interested in further conversation. Of those, 23% agree to further engagement. This takes customers further down the sales funnel.

Outbound calls create a more direct relationship with your customers than mass emails, which are impersonal and tend to generate very small open and clickthrough rates. An outbound call from a live caller forms a far more lasting impression.

How Does an Outbound Call Center Work?

Outbound call center operatives make phone calls to your existing and prospective customers. We can perform bulk calls, such as making phone calls to every current subscriber to inform them of upcoming product launches or new subscription offers. We can also make calls to a smaller roster of clients. This includes reminder calls for those whose subscriptions may be expiring. Likewise, it may include reaching out to current customers who have not been active in recent months. Calls can be simple courtesy reminders or come with offers to get customers back in the flow.

Outbound Calls to Prospective Customers

Most companies have a list of prospective customers. These are people who:

  • Signed up for a trial offer
  • Liked or followed the company’s social media page
  • Visited the company website on multiple occasions
  • Called once or more to make an enquiry

These are your prospect leads. The actions above indicate an interest on the part of a customer, even though they have not taken further action. Outbound telemarketing is a way to reignite their interest. Once again, it’s about taking these prospects further down the sales funnel.

Types of Outbound Calls

Reasons for initiating calls with current and potential customers include:

  • Calls about loyalty programs and signup deadlines
  • Upcoming company events and RSVPing
  • Overdue invoices
  • Service satisfaction surveys
  • E-mail campaign follow-ups
  • Personal calls to VIP members with exclusive offers
  • Personal product recommendations based on purchase history
  • Market research

Why Choose Executive Boutique for Your Outbound Calling Services?

Choose Executive Boutique as your outbound call center and ensure that your business has a competitive advantage:

  • Our Services Tailored to Your Business: We customize our services to your needs and serve clients in a wide range of market sectors, including Health Care, Online Marketing, Subscription Renewal, Mortgage Loans, Student Loans, Legal Marketing and many more.
  • Advanced Technology, including predictive dialing that can increase efficiency to approximately 300%.
  • Best-Practice Data Security Protocols that keep your customer information safe.
  • Competitive and Flexible Pricing, with month-to-month contracts available.
  • Multilingual Operators – our college-educated staff can speak in unaccented English, as well as a variety of other languages.
  • Legal Compliance
  • 24/7 Services

Outsource Your Outbound Calls

It’s one thing to know the importance of outbound call services, and another to have the capacity and commitment to take full advantage of the business opportunities they offer. Contact Executive Boutique to outsource this vital aspect of business management. We will reach out to your customers in a professional and courteous manner and ensure they remain engaged and knowledgeable about your company’s products and services. Though we are based in the Philippines, we serve companies all over the globe, regardless of language or time zone. Call us today to learn more or to get started!

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