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Outbound Call
Center Solutions

Outbound call center outsourcing opens up your company to a wide range of business solutions. At Executive Boutique, we can improve your bottom line, upgrade your customer base’s overall experience, and elevate your brand’s reputation.


Lead Generation

Every sale starts with a lead, making lead generation a top priority across all industries. We can manage every task involved in the lead generation process, from identifying the right contacts to pre-qualifying leads and exploring the availability of key decision-makers.


An effective outbound sales strategy is vital to business growth. With a focus on closing deals through calls over the phone, our team can help boost your company’s bottom line at a cost-effective rate.

Appointment Setting

Appointment setting is a vital step in moving leads closer to making a purchase. Our highly-skilled agents can build rapport with your business clients, vet prospects, generate interest, and set qualified appointments with your sales staff.


Outbound telemarketing services help businesses grow by engaging potential customers in a strategic and targeted way. Our services provide your prospects with important information, gather their feedback, and encourage their interest through outbound calls.

Market Research

Gain a better understanding of your market—their needs, concerns, and behaviors—to improve and elevate your best practices. Our work can help you identify your business process strengths and weaknesses through your customers’ eyes.


Customer feedback is crucial for businesses to improve processes, services, and products. We create, host, and administer customer surveys that provide you with valuable insight into market needs.

Data Verification

Maintaining accurate records and databases requires laborious and, often, tedious work that can take away from your business’ core tasks. Our skilled teams can cross-check datasets for human and instrument errors and verify important data through phone and email confirmation.


Setting up a fundraiser for charity and other causes can be a challenge for businesses, as it can be time- and resource-consuming. Call center outsourcing provides you with a bigger workforce that can handle menial and repetitive tasks without compromising your cause.

Post-Sales Follow-Up

Your relationship with your customers doesn’t end at the sale. Post-sales follow-up helps drive candid feedback, nurture a continued connection with your client base, and increase opportunities for future transactions.

Components of an Outbound Call Center Outsourcing

Phone-based communication
Phone calls are the bread and butter of any outbound call center. Aside from the technology and equipment for making calls, various scripts and call processes are vital in powering phone-based communication. These aid in creating a consistent and professional experience throughout each and every call.
Email and text channels

In this digital age, consumers engage with a variety of communication channels. Aside from phones, people expect to reach customer service through live chat, chatbots, or email. Modern call center outsourcing integrates these channels into their overall strategy to enhance the customer’s experience.

High-end technology

Executive Boutique Call Center uses the latest technology and software to streamline the calling process further. Interactive voice response (IVR) and predictive dialing software allow agents to work quickly and efficiently, making it easier to reach the client’s overall goals.

Expert personnel

Teams of expert personnel are vital to every outbound telemarketing services, and operations. Call agents need to communicate professionally, think critically, and best represent their client’s brand. At Executive Boutique Call Center, we train our agents with the utmost professionalism and expert approach towards work.

Tracking and reporting

Outbound call center outsourcing services go beyond making calls—they track and report the results of each call. Data from calls are recorded into detailed reports, allowing them to enhance their own processes continuously and for brands to identify key insights from their consumers.

Benefits of Outsourced Outbound Call Center Services

Elevate your strategic planning by working and building around definite and data-driven results, allowing you to forecast future opportunities and make critical business decisions.

Reach to a wider audience without compromising the quality of relationship you build with your customers.

Yield the best and maximum results at relatively lower costs when you outsource your call center solutions. Work with skilled professionals and the right infrastructure.

Elevate your strategic planning by working and building around definite and data-driven results, allowing you to forecast future opportunities and make critical business decisions.

Leverage the automation and tech innovations in the industry to grow and elevate your services.

Why Work With Us

An outbound call center acts as a vital extension of your business operations. With Executive
Boutique as your call center outsourcing partner in the Philippines, you can expect:

With access to highly-skilled agents with years of call center experience, our programs are tailor-fit to match your business needs with only the best in scriptwriting, quality control, and call training. Our tried-and-tested methods and detailed reporting ensure that your projects yield high-quality results.
Executive Boutique offers highly-customized outbound call center solutions that align with your business objectives, all at competitive and flexible rates. As a result, you gain more value from your campaigns with our top-notch service and dedication to providing the best return on investment.
Broad Experiece
Our teams in the Philippines have worked with clients across a wide range of industries and market sectors. These include healthcare and nutrition products, financial services, insurance, franchise expansion, marketing, training, and other miscellaneous services. As a result, our agents are well-equipped to handle your specific requirements.
Our services are powered by the latest technologies to ensure that your outbound campaigns perform exceptionally. Executive Boutique uses the latest and most advanced predictive dialers that increase call center efficiency to almost 300%. We also provide onsite monitoring and recording of outbound call center activity to help you optimize sales conversions and call outcomes.
Legal Compliance
Executive Boutique leverages new technologies to elevate our best practices while remaining compliant with laws in the United States. Our Agent Click-to-Dial request has no ‘capacity’ for predictive or automatic dialing, ensuring that cell phone numbers from the U.S. can receive calls from your business.
Our services include performing weekly business reviews that carefully analyze the productivity of the program and cross-reference it with quality score data. Executive Boutique offers fully managed campaigns that allow us to be active management partners for your business success.

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