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Outbound Call Center

The Definition of Outbound Call Center Services?

Outbound call center services

If you’re like most business owners, then you’re craving more leads and sales.

Despite how strong your desire is to generate more sales, however, the fact remains that your time as an entrepreneur is limited and you can only do so much.

In short, you need help.

If you’re dead serious about growing your business but you don’t have the time and manpower to make it happen, then you need to consider working with outbound call centers.

Outbound call center Services, in General

From a 30,000 ft. perspective, an outbound call center is a company that can help you with telemarketing, surveys, and appointment setting — basically, anything where the call center agents will initiate the calls.

Call center companies often offer two types of services: Inbound call center services and outbound call center services.

Specific outbound call center services

Here are some of the most sought-out outbound call center services that you can consider.

Appointment Setting. If your business is expanding and you need quality sales, then this service is what you need. The primary purpose of appointment setters is to convert your prospective customers into interested buyers.

As the appointment setter “warms up” your prospective customers into interested buyers, it becomes easier for your sales team to close the sales.

Post Sales Follow-ups. You can get more mileage out of your customers if you continue to nurture your relationships with them, even after they made a purchase. That’s why post-sales follow-ups are crucial.

By having a team of call center agents call your customers to do post-sales follow-ups, you can show your customers how you are truly interested in their welfare, since you’re still checking on them even though they’ve already made a purchase.

Depending on how the post-sales follow-up call turns out, the agent can upsell certain related products to what they purchases, helping you generate more sales.

Lead Generation. Lead generation is one of the first steps of the selling process. The call center agents can do outbound calls to identify or cultivate potential customers.

There is a myriad of ways a company can benefit from lead generation. However, for the most part, lead generation can help sales agents close more sales, link prospective customers to the right products, and it helps increase your sales agents’ productivity — since they won’t have to qualify prospects.

Customer Surveys. With the help of customer surveys, you can garner end-user feedback about the product or services that you’re offering.

You can use the pertinent data you obtained through the surveys to improve your product and look for gaps in your services. With these insights, you can improve your business and generate more sales.

What’s Next?

Are you looking for a reliable BPO company who offers outsourced outbound call center services?

If you answered with a “yes,” then feel free to call us at 1-888-700-9555.

Our associates here at Executive Boutique Call Center are more than happy to discuss with you how we can help you grow your business to greater heights.

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Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines?

Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines
Why are Outbound Call Centers in the Philippines

The call center industry in the Philippines is the fastest growing sector in the country. 

It has significantly contributed to the country’s growth due to the highly-skilled outbound call center agents that drive their clients to success. 

What Is An Outbound Call Center?

An outbound call centers are companies that has call center agents who do outbound calls.

The agents’ primary goals are to generate revenue and establish a list of customers who are interested in purchasing the products and services of their clients.

Outbound call center agents also help with lead generation, surveys, etc.

Outbound call centers use distinct metrics that measure the effectiveness of their agents in landing potential customers.

Their success is evaluated by assessing costs per call, the revenue they generate, and the number of tasks they complete per project.

They also abide by the National Do Not Call Registry mandate instituted in the United States.

Call Center Industry in the Philippines

The call center industry in the Philippines has evolved over the years. In the beginning, the providers offered e-mail response and managing services.

The industry then broadened and started working on customer relations involving travel, technical support, customer care, education, and financial services.

Eventually, some companies offered online business-to-customer and business-to-business support.

Outbound call centers are considered one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines.

Why the Philippines?

The Philippines is an ideal location for outbound call center businesses because of its less expensive operational and labor costs.

There is also an abundance of college-education graduates who seek employment after completing their respective degrees. In fact, most call centers have a young workforce.

Filipinos are also fluent at speaking the English language. They possess excellent communication skills necessary to convince potential customers to purchase clients’ offers.

Due to these characteristics, the country enjoys steady foreign investments.

The Philippine call center industry even attracts more clients from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Call center companies usually deal with field customer complaints, read legal briefs, code data, format documents, and attend to medical scans.

These tasks require exceptional skills in explaining processes and informing clients with a steady and clear comprehension of the English language.

This is why the Philippines has been considered as the call center capital of the world. Its college graduates complete several English courses making them experts in this field.

In fact, the Philippine call center industry has even overtaken India as the primary hub for these types of services.

Industry Perks in the Philippines

The Philippines also has numerous modern infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. These are what you need to deliver high-quality call center services that will satisfy your clients.

Filipinos consistently produce optimal results and can easily satisfy their clients’ needs due to these technological advancements.

Despite being one of the most underdeveloped countries in Asia, the Philippine economy flourished due to the number of successful call center agencies that contribute to its growth.

The industry itself gave birth to skyscrapers, business districts, and high-rise buildings used as call center headquarters for several call center companies.

Two of the most successful companies in the country are Global Headstart Specialist, Inc. located in Taguig and EZY Service Centre Corporation in Pasig City.

Why Outsource in the Philippines?

You will find countless call center agents that are proficient in the English language, talented, competent, and with a strong level of professionalism.

Also, here at Executive Boutique Call Center, we have state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure to ensure that your business is protected against downtimes.

If you’re looking to work with an outbound call center company in the Philippines, call us now at 1-888-700-9555.

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Outbound Call Center Services: We Make Calls For You

The success of your company is largely dependent upon its competitive edge. No matter how innovative your business model is, your company must still compete against countless other businesses in the same industry. And if you’re like many entrepreneurs, you simply don’t have the resources to maintain an in-house call center to generate leads and turn prospects into sales. By partnering with an outbound call center, you can gain that competitive edge you need to corner your share of the market. An outbound call center can provide many types of services for your company, including the following.

Appointment setting

These days, few businesses have time to spend making cold calls. But this method of drumming up new customers can be effective when it’s done by a skilled call center agent. You can outsource your cold calling to an outbound call center to boost your customer base by securing face-to-face meetings with qualified prospects. Cold calling professionals can set appointments for any purpose. Whether you need to get more clients or customers through your door or connect with potential buyers, an outbound call center is the versatile solution you need to scale your company.

Seminar and event registration

Seminars and other events can be invaluable ways of promoting brand awareness and positioning your company as an industry leader. But in order for your event to be a success, you need more bodies in the seats. The professional agents at an outbound call center can make the hundreds of calls necessary to register more attendees. In addition to boosting your registration list, these agents can perform the following tasks:

  • Alert attendees of scheduling changes
  • Up-sell or cross-sell sponsorship spots
  • Explain exhibiting opportunities
  • Conduct post-event followups

Market research data collection

Market research is the foundation of any effective marketing campaign. Unfortunately, it’s time-consuming and tedious—and often, it’s one of the least-enjoyed aspects of entrepreneurialism. By partnering with an outbound call center, you can completely outsource your market research needs. Qualified agents can perform inbound or outbound data collection campaigns, including surveys and polls, in order to deliver the insights you need to craft a winning marketing campaign.

Lead generation

Are you spending too much time generating and qualifying leads? These are tasks you could easily outsource to an outbound call center. Experienced agents can start with your lead list. After identifying and qualifying your prospects, the agents will distribute these qualified leads to your sales team, enabling your company to focus on what matters: Boosting revenue and reaching long-term objectives.

Executive Boutique: Your call center partner

Executive Boutique is an American and Australian-owned call center strategically located in the Philippines. Our professional agents can handle all of your outsourced outbound call center services, from appointment setting and lead generation to market research data collection and seminar registration—just to name a few. We’ve worked with a diverse range of industries, including ecommerce, retail, healthcare, insurance, and financial. Streamline your operations by partnering with Executive Boutique today.

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How Do Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services Differ?

Automatic Call Distribution

Inbound and outbound calls are both integral aspects of business management and customer acquisition. Third-party services exist for both, and more companies are taking advantages of these outsource centers for maximum consumer retention. Learn about the ins and outs of inbound and outbound calls and how they differ.

What Are Inbound Calls?

Inbound calls are those made to your company from an existing customer or prospect customer. These tend to be more service-based and often include enquiries. For existing customers, these may be calls about billing, technical support, subscription renewal/cancellation, or membership upgrade. Prospective customers may be calling to ask about a particular product or service.

Inbound calls may also include complaints, which the customer service representative is trained to resolve in a calm, polite and effective manner.

What Are Outbound Calls?

With outbound calls, the company is the party that initiates the call to the customer. This can be done for a number of reasons. The primary goal usually has to do with customer retention and outreach to prospective customers. As opposed to the more customer service-based inbound calls, outbound calls are more sales oriented.

With the help of big data, metrics, and other key performance indicators, companies can actively reach out to prospective customers to take them further down the sales funnel. For existing clients, initiating the outreach helps foster positive company-to-client relations.

Examples of outbound calls include:

  • Sending current customers a courtesy reminder that their subscription requires renewal
  • Contacting customers with exclusive limited-time offers
  • Sending further information to potential customers who have made an enquiry
  • Sending offers or deals to potential customers after the end of a free trial they signed up for
  • Sending surveys (very important for data analytics)

Contrary to popular belief, most outbound calls include warm rather than cold calls. The former means the call is only initiated after the prospect customer has expressed some form of interest, such as joining the company’s social media page.

How Are Inbound and Outbound Call Centers Different?

While there is certainly some overlap, the aims of the two are different. Inbound call staff is trained to quickly resolve customer issues and complaints in a professional manner. Outbound call staff, on the other hand, are trained from a more sales-oriented approach. The goal is to convert new customers or get existing customers to upgrade their membership or try new products. Both are trained to be courteous and always act professionally.

With this in mind, it’s important to know which services a third-party calling center specializes in when outsourcing calling duties. Depending on the size of company and customer base, businesses may outsource one or the other or both.

Outsource Both Inbound and Outbound Calls to Executive Boutique

Executive Boutique’s call center has departments that handle both inbound and outbound calls in various industries. Our call center is based in the Philippines and handles incoming and outgoing calls for countless companies based in the U.S., UK, Canada, and other Western countries. Outbound and inbound calls ensure customer retention, recruitment, and satisfaction.

Are you looking for a reliable BPO company that offers outsourced outbound call center services? Then please reach out and see how Executive Boutique Call Center can help you.


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3 Ways A BPO Can Help Your Business

" "

Efficient. Burgeoning. Thriving. These three words can be used to aptly describe a successful business in today’s increasingly connected world.

With all the modern business management techniques in place, how you make use of them can turn your business from good to great.

One such modern business management technique is outsourcing. It can be a source of tremendous efficiency within an organization if done properly.

Take the case of Alibaba.com. In its infancy stage, Jack Ma, the founder, outsourced his website development to the US since China was in short supply of developers. Today, they still rely on outsourcing partners for production. From its humble beginnings as a small internet company called China Yellow Pages, it is now known as The World’s Biggest Online Marketplace.

And then there’s Google. This multi-million dollar company has been outsourcing staff, whether IT specialists, software developers, virtual assistants for years. One significant achievement worth mentioning is after they decided to outsource phone and email support for AdWords – their top grossing product, it resulted in an exponential ROI.

The Ways your Business is Optimized through Outsourcing

While it is true that outsourcing can indeed save you on costs, that is not the sole benefit. The following points show how you can optimize your business by outsourcing to BPO companies.

1) Outsourcing frees you from doing what you are not able (or hate) to do.

No one is perfect, and there will always be something that you are not the best at. Say, for example, accounting. If you are not excited at the thought of pouring over spreadsheets, formulas and sorting out figures, this is probably not your forte.

Instead of wasting precious time figuring out the math, making sure you are up to date on compliance regulations, etc. you are better off outsourcing this function to a reliable BPO company. Remember that as an entrepreneur, you are contributing to your company’s success when you are focused on endeavors that will make your company grow.

2) Outsourcing gives you an instant team

BPO companies allow you the means to have an instant team to provide customer support or technical support even at the onset of your business. In today’s business environment, a company will die a natural death if there is no customer support in place for its end users.

Especially for startups who do not have the resources to form such support teams, outsourcing levels the field and gives them a fighting chance against giant companies. Smaller companies can now provide the same services with the same level of efficiency and expertise as with larger companies.

3) Outsourcing allows you to start on new projects asap.

Depending on the nature of your business, there may be times when you need more than your usual manpower at certain periods or on a project basis.

Let’s say you have been handed a project that will give you the exposure your company needs however you are short in manpower. You cannot afford to turn down this project just because you don’t have enough people! Just turn to a Philippines business process outsourcing company, and they will be ready with the human resources that you need and stat!

What’s Next in Business Process Outsourcing?

Outsource your business processing needs to Executive Boutique and allow us to help you optimize your operations to achieve efficiency!

We provide BPO services such as data entry, data mining, data verification, lead generation, telemarketing, market research and the like. To know more about the services we offer, call us and get your free quote!

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Why You Should Choose Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines

In the past 4 years, the Philippines has surpassed India as leader in call center operations, with countless organizations outsourcing a variety of business operations and processes to the region. In fact, in 2016, 16 of the top 20 offshore call center projects were stationed in the Philippines. Since then, more companies have followed in tow, making the region even more of a hub for call center operations.

Why are so many companies choosing the Philippines as their business outsourcing partner?

The Philippines offers a whole list of benefits for companies looking to begin BPO, which we will now discuss in this article.

Lower Operational Costs

59% of companies cite cost cutting measures as the reason for outsourcing their customer service and/or other business operations. Companies can save money in almost all areas of their business including

  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Contracts Processing
  • Data Mining
  • Lead Generation and more!

The Philippine government also has many incentives for companies in the Philippines to provide BPO to foreign businesses, since the incoming revenue helps the country immensely. There are also little to no unionization efforts, meaning that the costs of running operations from the Philippines will stay cost efficient.

Young Workforce

The growth of BPO in the Philippines has led to an improved quality of life for many people in the country. Call centers now attract legions of new college graduates seeking a stable job with good pay, and working in one of these offices provides better wages than that is provided in the country’s other industries. A youthful, newly educated workforce in touch with current social norms and dialect will do wonders for an organization having trouble connecting with their customer base.

English Literate Population

A survey by eConsultancy found that 61% of respondents said they would choose phone support as opposed to other available avenues (live chat, e-mail). This is why a workforce that’s comfortable speaking English to customers is key to a successful outsourcing model. The Philippines has an impressive 95% literacy rate, and many people in the country speak a form of English that is closer to that spoken in the U.S.

Excellent Customer Service

The Services sector represents about 60% of the country’s economy, so it’s no surprise that the Filipino people are known for their world-class customer service. Where many outsourcing operations may result in customers being frustrated with the agents they interact with, you’ll find that interactions are generally cordial and pleasant when contacting a call center in the Philippines.

Is your business trying to cut costs and streamline operations more efficiently? Executive Boutique Call Center can help your company reach its goals. Contact us today for more information on pricing, availability, and to hear examples of our agents in action.

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Increasing Your Sales Through Telemarketing


TelemarketingTelemarketing, as defined in Wikipedia, is a method of direct marketing in which a salesperson solicits prospective customers to buy products or services, either over the phone or through subsequent face-to-face or web conferencing appointment scheduled during the call — it can either be inbound or outbound in scope.

Inbound telemarketing is mainly receiving incoming telephone calls from consumers responding to advertisements, usually involving toll-free 800 numbers, direct mail, or catalogs. Consumers would directly call the company to place their order.

Outbound telemarketing, on the other hand, is a proactive service. It involves a company’s salesforce taking the initiative of calling end users and consumers soliciting orders or making appointments.  

Through the years, the industry continues to grow and continues to be one of the best strategies that businesses use to grow their leads or sales.

Telemarketing Benefits

It is Cost Efficient.

Telemarketing can help you save costs in so many ways.

Especially, when you outsource your telemarketing efforts to a call center in the Philippines, service cost is affordable because labor cost is cheap. Not to mention that there are companies that offer a money back guarantee if target conversions are not met.

It provides Instant Feedback.

By being able to speak directly to your consumer, you can immediately measure your customer’s level of interest in your product or service. This feedback is helpful as you will then know what to improve on and what to maintain.

It gives Wider Reach.

Whereas the traditional method of selling is going door to door or doing sales visits, one can only perform a number of these sales visits in a day.

Telemarketing, on the other hand, allows you to reach three times prospects or even more than what one can achieve in a day doing sales visits.

This is especially helpful when your aim is to market to consumers who are in hard to reach areas.

It generates a New Customer Base.

Telemarketing is not limited to selling. It also generates leads. The calls you make allows you to compile a list of prospect leads. Follow up calls are then made based on the list and one can further screen the leads and qualify according to priority, and pass the leads on to the field sales people for further action.

It Increases Sales.

Telemarketing gives you insight as to who among your existing customer base has not made use of your services for a while. Telemarketing agents can then schedule a follow-up call and come up with a scheme to re-engage existing customers by extending special offers, for example.

Not only is telemarketing limited to existing customers, but you can also generate sales through new customers.

It creates Immediate Rapport with your Customers.

With everyone going digital nowadays, telemarketing still provides the human touch which easily establishes rapport and relationships. Although we appreciate the convenience the digital age brings, it still cannot replace the value and comfort we receive from actually engaging with a live person.

What’s next?

Executive Boutique is an American owned BPO call center company located in the Philippines.

We are a HIPAA compliant company and we have highly trained agents that can do your telemarketing for you 24/7 – selling to existing accounts, generate new accounts, inbound order processing and inquiry handling, customer service, and supporting your existing field sales force.

We also offer a wide range of outsourced outbound call center services including, data entry services, data mining, claims filing, contract processing and a whole lot more. Contact us today for a free quote!

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How Incentive Plans Can Boost Your Sales Agents’ Morale

Sales Agents Morale

Sales Agents MoraleAs a business owner, it can be quite frustrating if those in your employ don’t share your enthusiasm for the shared goals you’ve set out for your company.

When most employees are feeling uninspired and unmotivated about the work they do, the company’s ROI suffers drastically. You don’t want that.

There’s one good way to remedy this: start investing more in your employees. How to go about it? You can boost their morale, for starters.

And what better way to boost employee morale than to launch  a comprehensive and generous incentive program in the company? It’s a worthy investment that, if implemented properly, guarantees considerable rewards.

To bring home the point, according to a study conducted by Marketing Innovators, companies with high employee morale outperform industry peers by 20-percent.

We here at EB call center know this all too well.

Convinced? Excellent! “But how exactly does an incentive program boost morale?” you might be asking.

Let us count the ways.

Make Your Sales Reps Happy

As the old chestnut goes, “happy employees are productive employees.”

It’s also true and the numbers show it. According to a University of Warwick study, happiness in the workplace result to a 12% spike in productivity.

When you reward your agents for a job well done, they feel that they are appreciated and recognized. They feel a strong sense of value in what they do, thus motivating them to deliver better.

Motivate Your Sales Reps

A hope for a reward is always a powerful motivator for sales agents to perform better in all aspects of the business.

At best, monetary incentives serve as extrinsic motivators because they satisfy direct needs.

But business owners also need to provide employees non-monetary incentives such as verbal and written of good work, etc. in order to satisfy an employee’s self-actualization needs.

When you motivate employees on many levels, they tend to work harder both in the short and the long term.

Give Employees a Sense of Purpose

Cash rewards and attractive benefits are well and good, but deep down, most employees also want to feel like what they’re doing in the workplace is giving them a sense of purpose.

That may sound like sentimental drivel but that doesn’t make it untrue.

By offering employees a wide variety of rewards specifically tailored to motivate behaviors that address the company’s top priorities, they are made to feel that they’re offering something of value.

Reward the Journey, Not the Destination

Sales reps are usually rewarded when they close sales, which is always good, but another terrific way to boost their morale is to also reward them during their journey towards the sale.

By incentivizing key performance indicators, you are encouraging best practices among the entire team, ensuring that the company delivers in areas beyond sales numbers.

Strengthen Professional Relationship Between Sales Reps and Managers

Team-focused incentive plans reinforce camaraderie, a robust feedback loop among colleagues, and team collaboration.

By defining clearly the team’s specific goals and making sure that all members are on the same page, the work environment becomes more pleasant and professional relationships are strengthened.

Final Word

As established, implementing a comprehensive incentive plan can go a long way into boosting the morale of your sales representatives.

It works two ways: first, being offered reasonable yet challenging rewards gives sales reps control over their success. Second, it gives them opportunities for self-actualization, prompting them to do better because of their innate desire to fulfill their potential.

We at EB Call Center take great pride in our competitive incentive programs, which were developed to ensure that our sales reps are rewarded regularly through their efforts. Are you looking for a reliable BPO company that offers outsourced outbound call center services? Then please reach out and see how Executive Boutique Call Center can help you.

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6 Reasons Your Top Outbound Sales Agents Call It Quits

Outbound Sales Agents

Outbound Sales AgentsThere is a famous Pareto principle that says that 80% of your productivity is being done by the top 20% of your people.

That’s why it is important to keep your top outbound sales agents as they bring in the bulk of the business to your company. When they leave your company, it is going to cost you in terms of time and resources to hire new employees and train them to become your next top agents.

Hence, you need to know the reasons why they call it quits so you can do something to prevent that from happening.

Here are the top 6 reasons your outbound sales agents leave.

Low pay

Doing outbound calls is challenging enough. Meeting sales quota, now that adds up to a really tough job.

That is why if the pay that they receive is low, they wouldn’t think twice calling it quits.

A good tip is to look at how much your competitors are paying. You may also look at national averages in wages, and then either match the salary or pay more.

But the secret really is to give consistent incentives for a job well done. These can be in kind, such as all-expense-paid trips, or monetary like bonuses and commissions.

Bad management

They will also flee when they’re under bad management.

For one thing, it makes each day at work an unbearable ordeal when they have to deal with unfeeling supervisors, micro-managing taskmasters, and bad leaders.

To make your outbound sales agents to stay longer, help them feel valued by hiring good managers with great people skills and leadership.

Toxic workplace

Another factor that your outbound sales agents look for another opportunity is the workplace environment.

For example, instead of being excited, they dread going to work because they little to no valuable support to make them become successful.

Additionally, they are in an unhealthy competition with their colleagues. There is nothing that breaks the monotony and repetition of outbound calls. Most often, they feel isolated and are left to drown in the job.


One other factor is burn-out. For instance, your call center agents are simply under immense amount of pressure day in and day out to meet unrealistic performance goals.

Also, they might find few chances to reset from work because of a really high occupancy rate. They are asked to take outbound calls one after another in rapid succession without ever letting up.

They might also feel they no longer have work-life balance, losing touch with things and people that mean a lot to them because they have to work really hard and spend long hours in the office.


The job itself can be the reason your outbound sales agents quit. It might either be too high or too low a challenge for them.

Furthermore, they might even realize that their skills are a wrong match to the job. They plainly don’t have the right set of competency to succeed.

Alternatively, they could have simply discovered a new passion and they choose to pursue that instead of staying with your company.

Career opportunity

Lastly, they leave because they found a better career opportunity somewhere else. Your company is not growing and there are no higher positions available for them.

On the other hand, they might not be inspired to get promoted within the organization because they don’t like their supervisor’s job or the perks that come with it. They don’t see themselves performing the tasks that their supervisors are doing.

Save your best people

Stop your best people from resigning. Evaluate your remuneration package, hiring process, leadership and organizational culture, working condition, and career opportunities within your company so you can save your top outbound sales agents from leaving. Are you looking for a reliable BPO company that offers outsourced outbound call center services? Then please reach out and see how Executive Boutique Call Center can help you.

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Nine Phone Sales Tips to Ensure More Deals

Phone Sales Tips

Phone Sales Tips

Even for experienced salespeople, selling a product over the phone can be quite intimidating. However, with the right techniques and strategies in place, not only will the sales person be able to sell more, but he can also reduce the anxiety that he feels when dialing.

Allow me to share with you nine phone sales tips that you can use to get better results out of your sales calls.

1. Set a daily goals.

It is important to identify your sales goal every day. The number of calls you make is one of the things you need to consider when making your daily sales goal.

Meeting a daily goal will help you stay motivated and confident.

2. Plan each phone call carefully.

Before you make a phone call, you have to set your objective first. Ask yourself questions like “Is the call I’m making focused on setting up an appointment?” or “Do I want to make a deal over the phone?” These questions are crucial when you’re developing a script.

3. Choose the right time to call.

Typically, early mornings and late afternoons are the best times in a day to make sales calls. Based on a study conducted by the Northwestern University, the ideal day to call in a week is a Thursday.

Planning the right time to call is one of the key factors that makes a successful sales call.

4. Be confident.

When making a sales call, confidence is essential. If you aren’t confident about the product that you are selling, your clients will notice if you sound nervous.

In the end, they will not be confident about your product. Be sure to use a professional tone over the phone.

5. Don’t be discouraged.

If someone is rude or rejects your call don’t get discouraged. The client doesn’t mean a personal attack. Sometimes people refuse sales calls. Despite the ill treatment, remain polite and respectful, hang up, and proceed to make the next call.

6. Remove/limit your background noise.

Make sure to make your sales calls in a quiet area where you can clearly hear your client, and in turn, he or she can also hear you clearly. No one is going to be interested in talking to you if there is a lot of background noise.

7. Pay attention

If you fail to pay attention to the person you’re talking to, they will do the same to you. Assure your clients that you are listening to them by saying words like “I understand” and “Noted.” These phrases will make your customers feel valuable which is what you’d want them to feel.

8. Do not badmouth your competitors.

Avoid speaking of competitors, if possible. When you say negative comments about someone else, your client will most likely imply that you possess the same traits, especially if your product is similar. Mention the unique qualities of your product instead of bad mouthing your competitors.

9. Follow-up

Not every client you call will answer the first time. Keep trying for several weeks until you reach someone. If your intended client isn’t available to take the call, leave a message. Include your contact details so the client can easily reach you once they are available.

What’s next?

Although telephone sales can be quite challenging, it can help you drum up more customers for your business. That being said, possessing solid sales skills will give you a distinctive edge over your competitors if they do not take the time to implement sales call campaigns. Are you looking for a reliable BPO company who offers outsourced outbound call center services.

If you have comments, ideas, or questions that you’d like to ask, please do so in the comments section below. Cheers!

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