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Call Center: The True Meaning of Christmas

Twenty-four days to go and it’s the most special day of the year, Christmas.  Unsurprisingly, the hectic holiday is fast approaching. Everybody is busy as well as every establishments like hotels, restaurants, airlines, government agencies, shopping malls and Philippines call center. Given the fact that this is the time for Christmas bonus, 13th month pay and numerous gift giving, I’m sure that everybody is excited for this wonderful season.


Too often, we become so preoccupied by the ritual of gift giving that we do not have time to truly appreciate the spirit of Christmas. Perhaps we are so busy rushing to different holiday events that we neglect to even consider the truly meaningful things in our own lives. For most of us, the busy days of December keep us running from mall to mall, finding the elusive perfect gift for each person on the list or buying clothes just to look good and gorgeous on Christmas day. When we’re not shopping, decorating the home takes over and then we turn our attentions to wrapping gifts and addressing Christmas cards. In today’s society so much emphasis is placed on materialism and financial status and we can’t just get this out of our mind. Well, I admit that this has been our tradition ever since but we should not forget that Christmas is not only about gifts. It is about giving love, being aware of the spirit and grace of God and spending time with the most special people in our lives.

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