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Call Centre: Facts about Coffee

Working in a call center environment is hard.

You have to stay awake during odd hours when most people are asleep. You have to study and memorize scripts about certain products as if there’s going to be a pop quiz the next day. You have to deal with customers that are sometimes not easy to communicate with and you have to reach a certain quota everyday.

That’s why agents usually turn to their best friend in these times- coffee.


It’s pretty well known that coffee helps inbound or outbound call center agents get through the graveyard shift. Agents feel re-energized after a cup of coffee. It helps reduce the sensation of tiredness, improves short term memory and increases intellectual performance. Many studies have proven that coffee may also reduce the risk of diseases such as type 2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s, colon cancer, cirrhosis, gall stones, depression and more.


Coffee was first brewed in the Fertile Crescent region, and Arabs are generally known to be the first to brew coffee. Throughout the centuries coffee grew in popularity, even the famous Lutheran composer, Johann Sebastian Bach who lived in a coffee-hating society, showed how much he loved coffee when he wrote Coffee Cantata in 1732.

Prior to the start of the American Revolution, meetings were held in coffeehouses and drinking coffee was thought to be an expression of freedom.

Nowadays, coffee is a part of everyday life. It’s rich, bold taste brings us back from a black hole of stress, and into a world of peace, sales, and happy customers.

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