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Contact Center Agent in the Philippines Part 1


Working in a call center is such a wonderful experience. Some say that it is a stressful job especially that we are working in a night shift(and some are working in a shifting schedules). But for me, I really enjoy working like this. It’s really not as stressful as they say. I’ve been employed at different call centers in the Philippines and each experience was unique and wonderful. In fact, most people working in contact centers enjoy their work. We can easily manage our time here unlike working in other industries that they hardly find time to relax, unwind, do some recreational activities, and to spend quality time with their families. Most people working in other industries are not even well compensated and I think that is the reason why they don’t have time to spend their time for other activities.


Some say that it is not challenging because it’s just a routine job. But for me they are wrong. You can learn new things every end of the shift. First, you will able to develop your communication skills because you are dealing with different types of people. You will get new ideas every time you talk to different customers. It’s not only that we are getting ideas from them. We also share our ideas and opinions to customers. I can also develop my technical skills. I preferably love to work in an inbound call center and provide the best customer service experience in every call.

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