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Contact Center Agent in the Philippines Part 2

The call center industry,as a whole, is a family-oriented industry. We have the best employee relationship as compared to other industries. We have our team-building twice in a quarter and we do not have any employee disputes especially with the company I’m working with right now. We can rub elbows with our bosses as well. By this , there’s no employee-employer disputes. Our bosses are also supportive of us. I actually told my friends that if they want to work in a call center they can search over the internet and just type in“Call Center Philippines” in the search tab and it will show them the list of companies that they might have interest to work in.


I have memorable experiences working in the outsourcing industry. While taking calls, some of my customers can hardly hear that I will almost shout just to clear things with them. I also have an irate customers that turned into a lead. I also encountered indecent proposals from some of my clients but I take it as an advantage to turn it a lead as well. I have an intellectual customers who shares me their ideas and point of views. It’s really fulfilling to turn my customers into a lead. It really boost my self-esteem. For me, working in a call center is such a wonderful and fulfilling experience. It’s not a boring job at all.

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