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Life after graduation Part 1

There I was after the ceremony, staring at the food on the table. After all the hats were thrown, everyone knew college was done and we have to go somewhere, but the question is, where? All the family members around the table started asking, so what are your plans for the future.


Actually, it was a no-brainer question because the answer was, I have none. In the Philippines, basically a job is so hard to find so how much more building a career. There are call centers mushroomed everywhere but not that easy to get in to unless you have above average English communication skills. Well, all my batch mates were trying to get a job that would fit in with our chosen profession but I didn’t.


Yes, I’m a nurse and like everyone else who thought that being a nurse is the key to having a bright future and going abroad to earn more and help your family, I felt like I deceived myself from choosing the thing that I really loved the most. I love English, the arts, music and especially photography. I felt like I could do more but I just wasted four years of my life living the path that my family wanted me to have, being in the medical field.


Suddenly, it got over me. I have to find a job wherein I could express the things that I really love the most. I bought a newspaper and turned the page on the classified section and the words “Call Centers in the Philippines” and BPO jobs caught my attention.

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