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Life After Graduation Part 2

I was a fresh graduate and so many possibilities came to my mind. I was now in line, waiting for my interview and this had nothing to do with my profession. I was applying as a market researcher in an outbound call center. I have heard bad feedback from people about call centers because they said they discriminate against nurses, they said they won’t last in the industry. I wanted to change that. I was then hired and trained to be a market researcher and speak with people I haven’t dealt with mostly, Americans. We were taught about their culture, how to sound on the phone.


I loved what I was doing, we were doing surveys and I knew about their current events and I was actually involved, it was the peak of the elections in the US. After that I decided to quit and look for career advancement.

I was floating for a month, undecided and penniless. I was desperate for a job that time and suddenly without my knowledge, someone called me. An actual company was calling me, another call center. It was a starting company, they dealt with lead generation. I was hired and this time it was something different to me because we were trained to be sales agents. Until now, I’m still staying in the company that believed in me. People have to believe in themselves and if they want to see the change in their lives, it has to begin from within them.

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