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My Funny Experience Applying for a Call Center Job Part 1

It was a gloomy Sunday afternoon when I was all by myself trying to figure out the emptiness that I felt. I live alone in a dormitory here in Cebu, Philippines. Emptiness that has been in silence and emptiness that has been longing for fulfillment. Then I asked myself ,”what am I going to do with my life? I’m broke,I need money and I need a job”. I cried and when I faced the mirror I saw a newspaper. I immediately took the newspaper and went back to my bed. I read the newspaper and went to classified ads section. Then I wandered from page to page and the job vacancies were mostly call centers in the Philippines. So I asked myself why not try to apply since everybody has the guts for it.


Early morning of the next day I woke up and made my resume with the hesitation of pursuing what I have plan or just stay at home. Then suddenly I realized that this is the moment where I can show and tell to everybody that I can be a call center agent too.I felt that it was my lucky day and optimistic that things would turned out positively.I took a shower but deep within my mind I’m skeptical about my plan. I chose the best dress that I have in my locker, put on my make-up and hurriedly went to I.T Park and applied for an outbound call center that I’ve found in the newspaper.

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