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My funny experience in applying for a call center job Part 2

The company that I applied is an offshore call center and currently looking for inbound call center agent. They are one of the big companies in the Philippine outsourcing industry. When I stepped inside the company I was totally trembling and my face started to become pale as I looked in the mirror while sitting in the waiting area. I looked at the applicants one by one and then I started to chat to some of the applicants which gave me confidence. I learned that most of them had call center
experience and some are newbies like me too.


When the receptionist called my name to be the next applicant to be interviewed, my body became numb and slowly my vision blurred and when I woke up I was sitting in the receptionist area where everybody was looking at me and some were smiling. I then learned from one of them that I fainted. It was the most embarrassing experience that I have in my whole life that even today I didn’t confess it to my family,friends and even to my best friend since child hood. From that day on I learned that I should be ready and focus in everything that I am going to do and be confident about myself. It was a lesson that made me strong and was my inspiration for my job hunting. Luckily, I’ve mastered the craft and am happily employed right now.

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