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Outbound Call Center: Customer Survey

In today’s global marketplace, obtaining regular customer feedback is essential for companies looking to consistently provide excellent customer service and stay ahead of its competitors. Conducting customer survey is an inexpensive way to gather valuable customer feedback and input on companies’ products and services. Customer surveys conducted by outbound call center can help companies gather valuable information which can be analyzed more accurately and in less time than using traditional survey methods. There are many benefits to surveying your customers.


Many, some would argue most, successful new products and services are the direct result of speaking with customers. Often, customers actually suggest the new ideas. Companies in fast-moving businesses, or those which rely on innovation, need to stay in touch with their customers to get their ideas and product/service feedback.

External performance feedback

Customers are the best judges of a company’s products and services. They can spotlight processes which are working well, and others which are not. By actively contacting and speaking with customers, organizations can spot important opportunities for improvement.

Increasing customer retention

Customer service satisfaction and retention drive profits. It’s far less expensive to cultivate your existing customer base and sell more services to them than it is to seek new, single-transaction customers. Learning what is most important to customers and how the organization is seen as performing, relative to competitors, can help to prioritize change efforts.

Recovering customers

The first step to recovering lost customers is finding them – the second step is finding out why they left. Many customers can be recovered with relatively little work by a company or organization.

Advance warning

Customer data can be used as part of a measurement system to warn the organization of upcoming trends, performance issues, or opportunities.

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