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Outbound Call Center: Elements of a Telemarketing Script

Whether you’re doing inbound or outbound telemarketing, the script you use is important. If you’ll be hiring Philippine  call center to handle your company’s telemarketing needs, chances are that call center will work directly with you to develop your script. The key elements you’ll find in an outbound telemarketing script are the following:


Ask questions in order to get the prospect to ask questions. When customers ask questions, you have won because you have captured interest and broken a barrier.  Second, it provides you with opportunity to answer and provide information in your answer.  Get them to talk, and get them to question you.


Differentiate your call. Acknowledge the fact your call appears to be the same as everybody else’s.  If it really is, and, your organization has no differentiation, then fall back on the strongest differentiator imaginable.  Yourself!


Provide the prospect with a reason to act. The perfect outbound telemarketing services script encourages action. Paint the picture and the concept.  Generate want feelings.  Prospects become customers because they want to; this want is their reason to act.


Introduce the purpose-process-payoff to the call in the early stages.  “The payoff for you” presents the win-win for the prospect.  They may not believe in the payoff you feel they should, but that is okay.  As long as they see a payoff, then you have the perfect telemarketing script.


The prospect says “no” if they feel they will lose by saying “yes“.  When the prospect says “no”, the prospect is saying they have not heard enough to be convinced. Tell the prospect you sympathize, can recognize their fears, and do not blame them.  Then, take the telephone call to the next level.  Don’t handle the objection.  Handle the objection behind their feeling of loss.

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