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In your company, which do you think are you part of, a group or a team? For example, in an outbound call center with college graduate agents, they can be grouped according to their degree like accounting, hotel and restaurant management, tourism and information technology. Forming a group based on a certain commonality is much easier, although the effectiveness of the groups may be inconsistent. But when we say a team, its members are selected for their corresponding skills.


Just like in a call center, there are inbound agents, Philippines telemarketing agents, BPO agents and virtual assistants who form a great Philippines call center team that provide business support services for offshore companies. Each member of that team has a purpose that contributes to its overall success. A team’s strength depends on a common goal and interconnectivity between individual members, whereas a group’s strength may come from pure volume or willingness to carry out a single leader’s commands. I’m sure you haven’t heard of a group building, instead team building. Developing a team takes a long period of time for it to be effective.  There are stages that need to be taken such as assessing group tasks and standards, identifying the conflict among the team members and finding a resolution, building unity and harmony and the performing stage where the team is ready to be productive and to work on the task assigned. A team’s success is when your team can accomplish something much bigger and work more effectively than a group of the same individuals working on their own.

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