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Telemarketing: An Effective Lead Generation Tool

lead generation
lead generation
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The emergence of social media has become a powerful tool in changing the way businesses market their brand, products and services. This leaves us the question if the traditional marketing and lead generation tools of the past are still relevant in the new electronic age.

Telemarketing is still an effective lead generation tool. It provides the opportunity to engage the prospect in a conversation about the issues and challenges it is facing. It allows you to talk to people on a one to one basis and gather information of a depth and accuracy you might not otherwise be able to get.

The interaction component here is critical but the problem is that most people don’t do it properly. They don’t target enough and misuse the technique which only ends up annoying people. For you to have an effective telemarketing strategy, you need to plan for it. You need to consider your budget, your objectives and your in-house resources, in terms of manpower, skills and equipment, compared to the cost of using an outbound call center.

You need to have a good script that must be tailored to the target audience, must grab the attention of the listener within a few seconds of the conversation, and must be highly interactive. Of course no matter how well planned and executed your outbound campaign, human nature plays its part. You need to have a skilled telemarketing agent that has a good knowledge of the company and product/service; able to talk intelligently and talk persuasively to people at all levels.

To get the right people offering the right product in the right way are the keys in an effective telemarketing.

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