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Outsourcing Industries

More and more industries are turning to outsourcing for day-to-day logistics, such as customer service, technical support, lead generation, data entry, and more. Executive Boutique proudly offers our elite call center outsourcing services in the Philippines, and to a wide spectrum of industries across the globe. Our flexible, cost-effective outsourcing solutions have been the difference maker for many companies who get a crucial competitive advantage from utilizing our top talent, advanced technology, customer satisfaction, and comprehensive legal compliance.

Industries We Serve

Our highly trained, college-educated call center agents are adept at handling the logistical demands of modern businesses. The clients we serve range from globe-spanning Fortune 500 companies to niche startups and everywhere in between. Industries we serve include:

  1. Recruitment
  2. E-commerce
  3. Lead Generation B2C
  4. Demand Lead Generation B2B
  5. Clinical Research
  6. Diagnostic Laboratories
  7. Home Health Service
  8. Data Enhancement
  9. Data Management
  10. Software Training and Support

Our staff has the experience, industry knowledge, and enthusiasm to raise your customer service, tech support, telemarketing, lead generation, and other business processes to the next level, all at a much lower cost than if you were to hire in-house. Whatever your industry, your bottom line depends on customers receiving a speedy response, whether communicating via phone, email, or social media. Likewise, if you depend on outbound calls for generating new leads, you want to take advantage of a top sales force that many major companies rely on to build their market share. Our highly skilled agents put their in-depth knowledge of multiple market sectors to work for your company to get results that meet and exceed your expectations.

Reasons for Outsourcing

The reason to take advantage of outsourced business services is simple: as your company grows, you may no longer have the people or resources to handle cumbersome office tasks or other time-intensive business processes. Of course, with growth comes the ability to hire more workers. However, hiring an in-house team can be cost-prohibitive.

In other instances, companies may have the budget or existing staff to handle the workload. However, company management prefers to reserve their in-house staff for niche-specific work and allocate daily logistics to a third-party service provider.

According to a Deloitte 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 59% of companies outsource to third-party providers as a cost-cutting tool. Hiring a remote third-party agency is far cheaper than hiring an in-house staff. 57% also go this route as a means to better focus on core business issues. Other reasons for outsourcing include:

  • Gaining greater access to intellectual capital
  • Improved management of the business environment
  • Enhancing the quality of customer service
  • Resolving capacity issues

Outsourcing Becoming an Exploding Trend

According to a report from Finances Online, the average incoming customer call lasts four minutes in duration. That is four minutes you or a staffer could better spend prepping for a presentation, performing data analysis, or brainstorming the next big project. Multiply the number of calls by 20, 30, or 50, and a huge portion of productive time is lost.

This is why more businesses are outsourcing and why the call center industry has become a booming niche in and of itself. As of 2019, 13% of call center services have an annual revenue stream exceeding $25 billion. Furthermore, 20% of the call center global market share comes from the Philippines, where Executive Boutique is headquartered.

What Industries Outsource the Most?

Some of the top industries we serve include healthcare and pharmaceutical, retail, media, telecommunications, and IT. With a massive volume of client and customer needs to manage, companies in these fields can understandably benefit from world-class business services outsourcing. Some healthcare companies, for example, field thousands of calls per day from patients, patient family members, partnered suppliers, etc. Third-party outsourcing is a cost-effective solution for handling such a high volume of calls.

Statistics from Statista echoed a similar trend when it comes to outsourcing by industry. The finance sector takes the lead, comprising 26% of all third-party outsourcing. This is followed by the consumer sector at 24%. Other sectors include media and telecommunications at 13%, energy and resource at 9%, and public services at 4%.

Outsource Today

Whatever your industry sector, your business is guaranteed to grow when your employees are free to do what they do best without being bogged down with time-consuming logistical duties. At Executive Boutique, our highly accomplished management team will work with you to identify outsourcing solutions that will save your company time and money.

When you partner with Executive Boutique, you never have to worry about being locked into a long-term service contract. We offer the flexibility to work with us on a project basis or to choose us to provide month-to-month support on an ongoing basis. As your business process outsourcing needs evolve, we can adjust our Call Center services to meet your demands.

Please reach out to us today to request a free quote or to learn more about our flexible contracts!

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